Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Struggle --- Third Year of Hindu Samhati

It’s another 14th February and with it the foundation day of Hindu Samhati will be commemorated with grandeur yet again. Nevertheless, there is a difference this year. The coming 14 th February marks the third year of the organization; an organization that has traveled a lot from its nascent stage and the journey has never been smooth apparently. It may sound strange to many these days but in fact, within four months of the official proclamation of Hindu Samhati, it was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in Ganga Sagar. And as a result, 15 of its most committed workers along with Tapan Ghosh, founder of the organization, were put behind bars without reason.

It was the beginning of an arduous journey and Hindu Samhati has been able to prove its virility and worth beyond doubt. Now we are heading towards Raja Subodh Mallick Square in Kolkata, venue to hold the coming convention. Tens of thousands of Hindus are sure to arrive at the said venue and strengthen the movement. Now the question remains – why would they come and what makes us go through this troublesome journey.

If you have the desire to know the same, you have to get acquainted with our mission before anything. And our dedication to strive to attain the same has been the greatest reason for the success thus far. The mission is to save Hindus in Bengal from religious persecution and affronts of iconoclasts or Islamic supremacists' torments that have been going on for centuries at a stretch. There is simply no end to the same!

Muslims ruled the country for seven hundred years, if not more; they partitioned the undivided nation based on religion (making Hindus suffer extremely); they have also been responsible for converting one-third of the entire population. But their aspirations are simply endless. These days they are busy in projecting their own declines and are shameless to state even that they’re being discriminated. This is indeed a great mockery and tragically, Hindus are its first and foremost victims.

Sadly enough, not even a Hindu religious leader concentrates on the same issue ever; not to speak of the political leaders. But Hindus of Bengal are conscious that the deterioration hails from sterility of the Muslim society and is a self-invented scheme. Truly, the same backwardness helps Muslims to increase their numbers incredibly and outnumber Hindus in population and resort to violence on any pretext.

It is known to Hindus well that Muslims remain familiar with the said methods and all those to extend their own supremacy and conquer newer areas round the clock. All these indicate that Hindus, as a result, would get insulted, assaulted or ravished, and at the end would take flight. Bear in mind that the last one has been happening almost without exceptions and is called as exodus or journey by a large group of people to escape from a hostile environment.

Really, the same is getting common in lots of districts of West Bengal more and more. Deganga is the latest instance; the situation is deteriorating there with the passing of each day. And even the political parties there (following the ghastly persecution) can’t assure Hindus to inhabit.

Who can be more experienced than Bengali Hindus? They do know well agonies of becoming refugee and are apprehending the same these days once again. They’re in search of an antidote and name of the same medicine is Hindu Samhati. Tens of thousands of Hindu men and women are coming forward hearing the clarion call of Hindu Samhati.

What is greatest reason behind such an overwhelming success in just three years? There is a simple answer to it. Hindu Samhati has never adopted any short, easy way. What is more, it has never pulled back and opted for shortcut methods to deal with the reigning issue. On the contrary, it has made Hindus realize that they would have to fight on their own and build up mass resistance against atrocities with best efforts. Those who have responded to all these, they have never found themselves alone. Hindu Samhati has become a part of their struggles. Many people have comprehended this as the beginning of a new chapter in history. This is the chronicle of Hindu mass resistance.

To become a part of this new yet valiant chronicle hundreds and hundreds of Hindus would convene at Raja Subodh Mallick Square in Kolkata on 14 th February. It feels great to state that to bless this ascension celebrated and struggling Hindu leadership along with venerated Sanyyasis (sages) would be present on the occasion. There shall be the presence of two special guests as well – eminent human rights workers, Dr. Richard Benkin and Ms. Mirium Jones, from USA and Australia successively.

People who have been our companions in this historic struggle would throng in large numbers on 14 th February. Those who have experienced that Hindus can also struggle, are helped by other Hindus and people abroad during hours of crisis, are definite to make the approaching third foundation day a historic success.

For all these reasons, the convention would not be a small and glorious one only in any way. Rather, it would be a site where from people would resolve for greater and more intense struggles in coming days. Each and every Hindu of Bengal is cordially invited to take part in assembly of 14 th February.