Monday, December 24, 2012

Victory Will Surely Be Ours !

Without exception, festivities like the Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Bakri-Id, Jagaddhatri Puja, all have witnessed regular clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities across Bengal and the Hindu Samhati office has received regular intimation of many such cases.
The incidents at Entally and Tehatta were of somewhat larger magnitude. In Tehatta, 26 odd Jagaddhatri Puja festivals were stopped and one person belonging to the Hindu community had to pay with his life from police firings. On the other hand in Entally, the deities of goddess Durga were broken and some ten Hindus were arrested for fifteen days. Copious idols were stealthily destroyed in Beleghata, Kolkata and Shantipur, Nadia district too. The total number of such cases has been too many to keep proper records. Importantly, in many places there have been reports of resistance from the Hindus in response.
It appears that Bengali Hindus have a growing realization that the government and administration will not play a neutral role to these atrocities. The government, allured by the unified Muslim votebank and the administration, fearing communal disturbance, are unlikely to take action against provocative actions from anyone belonging to the Muslim community. Consequently, the public is being increasingly active in taking actions to securing its safety.
Those at the upper echelons of Hindu society have a strange view that Hindus are too divided and segregated to offer a unified resistance. Incredible as it may seem, they are completely mistaken since by Hindu society, they conjure an illusory image that probably applies only to the uppermost 10% of the entire society and remain oblivious to its true strength of the rest. During partition, the prowess of the Hindu mass did not manifest for two prime reasons. Firstly, they were completely unprepared for a partition which hit them hard. Secondly, the reigns of the society were completely in the hands of the upper class of people who were disconnected from the rest and did not engage the greater society to grow a resistance out of cowardice.
The first reason is not true anymore. The horrors of ’46, ’47, ’50, ’54, ’60, ’64, ’71,’92 and 2001 are not lost to the Hindu psyche. Public memory has not been short in Bengal and the wounds of Islamic persecution from Bakhtiyar Khilji till Siraj-ud-Daula (1757) have remained fresh for over a century, which is why they did not participate in the mutiny of 1857 against the British. This is indicative of the clarity and acumen of Bengali conscience and is further confirmed by the collective abstinence of the Muslims from the national freedom movement.
Hundreds have laid down their lives in Muslim majority Bengal yet it is so difficult to recollect the name of even one belonging to the Muslim community. The story is largely the same from Muslim majority undivided Punjab province. And the Bengali populace has always remained cognizant to this bitter truth regardless of the relentless efforts by sundry intellectuals to paint a flowery picture of harmony between the two communities. Being anchored to the ground, I am convinced that the atrocities of ’47 won’t be repeated without large scale retribution. My humble prayer to the high class intellectuals would be to relinquish their position so that the Hindu youth can fulfil their aspirations. Victory, then, will surely be ours.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Struggle - Durga Puja and Bakr-Eid – Far-Reaching Consequences

The Hindu festival Durga Puja and Muslim festival Bakr-Eid in 2012 happened close to each other. And such a development is (always) enough to heighten worries within both government and administration. There can be severe troubles regarding cow slaughter in various areas, especially Hindu-Muslim mixed areas.  To be precise, cow slaughter does not take place peacefully in any year and in this year, 2012, Bakr-Eid was just two days after the Holy Puja. Holy Deities of Goddess Durga will be in pandal (a large open-sided temporary pavilion) s. Small troubles can be turned into bigger ones in the wink of an eye – this dread reigns extremely within the state administration of Bengal. Any Hindu-Muslim trouble, without doubt, will be a great slap on the Bengal administration. Hence, the administration is gearing up to deal with the crisis – a crisis management has already been deployed in the field.

Nevertheless, all these make us ask a very pertinent question – the administration and police is getting ready to handle the crisis. But in which way? Are they acting in accordance with legal procedures? The answer is most apparent to us – NO. Defenders of law do not count on legal measures much. They consider illegal measures as both practical and easier than any form of legal approach. To administer the state of Bengal, they have hardly any regards to legal structure.   
Orders of both Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Calcutta High Court regarding cow slaughter are already there. Both do state – cow slaughter on Bakr-Eid is strictly prohibited. It is worthwhile to mention that the Calcutta High Court has already given the very order for two times. But the administration doesn’t do it and will never do it as well. According to the administration – Muslims are in no mood to obey this declaration of Hon’ble Courts. They will go on with slaughtering cows and any obstruction offered to it will cause a bloody riot altogether. Hence, administration, governed by this weird mindset, believes that Islamists are at liberty to carry out cow slaughtering and what is most essential to them is lack of evidence. Police and administration, therefore, do not have moral obligation to enforce the orders given by courts. 

However, there will be problems – whenever Hindus will try to resist cow slaughtering citing the court orders. What will police do then? Will it follow the court verdict or make all efforts to placate Muslim electorates? If Hindus, strengthened by orders of court, force to call cow slaughter a halt – what will happen then? As a result, police is ready beforehand, to quell any such (abrupt) development. The police has a good solution – no necessity to make Muslims follow the court verdict but to nip any sort of Hindu protest in the bud. And it would be in each and every illegal manner. The sole agenda of administration is to subdue Hindus (in any way) who dare to protest ever and even if they are innocent, their residences must be raided and banished outside. In a word, Hindus have to put under a sort of house arrest. This is the best way to retain discipline in Bengal during cow slaughter. Every year, as per statistics, at least, 100000 cows are slaughtered in this state.

And from before the entrance of Mamata Banerjee into the helm of affairs, police and administration has been retaining an unwritten constitution in the state – a) no hindrance can be proffered to Islamists slaughtering cows in (exclusively) Muslim areas; b) in Hindu-Muslim mixed areas where cows were slaughtered earlier – slaughtering have to be permitted; c) if Hindus do not prevent or appeal to administration to stop it, in newer (mixed) areas where Muslims are readying for slaughtering cows – slaughtering will be allowed; d) in places where Hindus are using legal measures viz. submission of mass petition, deputation to administration to stop cow slaughtering – all-party meetings would be convened in police stations or BDO offices to determine a solution.

And the solution of a problem doesn’t indicate apposite implementation of legal measures. It is to maintain law and order on the day of Bakr-Eid. And to reach the success, political parties are consulted to suppress Hindus. There is no need of thrashing in several areas even, only an aggressive chasing of Hindus and deployment of armed police contingent before Hindu strongholds do a great deal. The sole intention is to terrorize Hindus.  

Thus, cow slaughtering and maintenance of law and order are going on for years after years. The main idea is to steer clear of any problem and to do whatever is necessary to make Muslims happy. And nothing more is vital for both government and administration.  What will be its far-reaching consequences? It’s the time to make people conscious of the same.

Thanks to these notions of administration, Muslims will (and in several cases they have already started) consider that they do not have to obey laws, court verdicts of India. They will also realize that police and political parties here are ever ready to assist them to violate administrative and court orders. What is more, Islamists will also comprehend that it is not binding for them to venerate the religious ideology, sentiments of the majority Hindu community in India.

All these manifest, Islamists, being holy minorities, have every right to trample and dishonor Hindu feelings. But they must heed two factors all at once – what rights have been given to the minorities in Islamic countries? How will Islamists in Saudi Arabia react if Hindus ask for slaughtering pigs there? Will Hindus residing in Murshidabad, Malda, Dinajpur (South) – Muslim-majority districts – have the opportunities meant for minorities only?

The second effect of illegal slaughtering of cows in Bakr-Eid will be on Hindus. Hindus in India will understand that laws and regulations of the land are not relevant for Muslims in the country and if they protest against this discrimination, they will be termed as culprits by defenders of law. No protest against illegal and unfair jobs of Muslims will be tolerated also; people belonging to this community are above law. All these indicate – Muslims are specially privileged in India.

Here is the consequence of adverse mindsets of Hindus and Muslims, as regards cow slaughtering – the illicit desires of Muslims will enhance and Hindus’ surrender to the same – these will increase by and large.

Myriad evidences of these are already available – compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs through attacking staff of electric supply, Rs. 2 lakhs as a result of hooch tragedy, Rs. 1, 000 for going to school, cycle to each Muslim school girl, allowances for both Imams and Muazzins, permission to construction of Aligarh Muslim University’s campus (unreasonably), compelling students of MBBS and Engineering to read Arabic language and Islamic history at Aliah University (government university) – the list of Islamic appeasement is endless.

We are asking people to think – is there any end of this? All these will lead to the formation of an Islamic state in Eastern India. Hindus have to gear up to confront and trounce this nemesis. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Struggle – Need of Explosion of Hindu Mass Strength

It was Jiban Mandaler Haat that did fight against all onslaughts of Islamists whereas Taranagar – Rupnagar did the opposite; the result was quite apparent – Hindus did give in there easily and became easiest preys to Islamic vandalism.  And since we are analyzing each development so painstakingly, more hard facts must be mulled over now.  Hindu warriors or flippant youths in Jiban Mandaler Haat had political backgrounds but instead of relying on parties (cutting across political lines) they trusted Hindu Samhati leading to the development of a brawny defence against Islamists. And thanks to this valiance, Jiban Mandaler Haat remains devoid of any Islamic torturing these days; Hindu youths are working as vanguards in the vicinity too.

Had the same job been done in Taranagar – Rupnagar, the reality there would have been quite different. Hindus in Taranagar – Rupnagar, following the brutal murder of Bimal Haldar – local leader of BJP (16 years back) – took refuge under CPIM. On May 14, 2012, both villages buckled under Islamic attacks and were burnt down. Two Hindu housewives were gang raped and none knows whether they will get any justice ever. Nonetheless, Hindus know well that they will not be able to recover lost honors of these two Hindu women. Reason? To do the same, they will have to fasten Draupadi’s braid with the blood of Dushashana; the task that was impossible for Arjuna to do even. But Bhima did it. Does any Bhima inhabit Taranagar – Rupnagar?   

Both Jiban Mandaler Haat and Taranagar – Rupnagar are in P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and near to P.S. Kultali as well. But the situation in these areas is simply contradictory and it has confounded Hindus majorly. And after long deliberations they have decided to abide by examples set by Jiban Mandaler Haat.  As a result, Hindus in both P.S. Joynagar and Kultali, disgusted of blatant Muslim appeasements by political parties, are joining Hindu Samhati in strength.

There are some other relatively less known facts also. SUCI happens to be dominant power in the area while CPIM is the main opposition. TMC is the reigning power in the state of Bengal, at this point in time. Is there any difference between these parties then? In accordance with people, all have surrendered to the disease of Muslim appeasement and vie with each other, often, to display their excellences in this regard.

The aforementioned incidents of Jiban Mandaler Haat and Taranagar – Rupnagar along with their grim experiences of how political parties placate Islamists have given Hindus a fillip to analyze the fast changing reality. The consequence of all these is simple – more and more Hindus are joining Hindu Samhati and its meetings are being attended by representatives of 20-25 villages in unison.  

On June 5, 2012, a spark of Hindu power got evident in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali; a simple instigation could have converted it into an explosion. Hindus were repressed in the area by the police and administration for years and on the same day, there could have been the finest retribution. But it was foiled by Debatosh Acharya, district president of BJP, and thus, Hindus were led astray once more. The vigor that could have changed the scenario for the coming decade at least (at least) cooled down – relying on the traitor from BJP only. Once it was done, administration denied the pledges made (by it) to calm Hindus down.

BJP and police joined hands to stab Hindus in the back – people in Jalaberia are acquainted with all these good. It was learnt, later, all political parties, including BJP, sided with administration against Hindus.              

What did happen on June 5, 2012 proves the same cruel reality once more – Hindus are nothing other than Abhimanyu (as described in Mahabharata – his epic struggle while being surrounded by seven charioteers). Hindus, to cut a long story short, are sieged by political parties, administration, mounting (exponentially) Islamic populace, Islamic wealth, Islamic weapons, network of mosque-madrasa and their slanted votes.  

Only on July 5, 2012, cow smuggling to Bangladesh was going on as usual through the courtyard of Shankar Biswas, living in village: Angrail, Bangaon border. When on earth BSF personnel tried to call it a halt, one individual protested and his head, following a shrike of lathi, cracked. Mr. Chidambaram, Home Minister of India, has recently stated in Kolkata that BSF can’t fire to stop cow smuggling. Hence, BSF personnel have to use lathi only. And one day innocent Hindus will turn into its victims. How can Hindus live in such a situation? Well – it can happen only if Hindus protest loudly against all these precarious designs. To do the same, hobnobbing with political parties will turn out to be futile.

Hindus couldn’t be saved by CPIM in Taranagar, by RSP in Kalahajra, by SUCI in Jalaberia, by BJP in Purbasthali, by Trinamool Congress in Mangalkot. No political party can do it ever or else East Bengal would not have become Bangladesh. There is an urgent need of unity, social unity among Hindus to save Bengal. This has to be done as soon as possible. If Bengali Hindus do not want to become refugees once more, they have to do all that is necessary to foil the potential merger of Bengal with Greater Bangladesh.   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Struggle – Police and Administration in this State

The saga of change “Poriborton” in Bengal has had its first anniversary by now and certainly, it does contain an assortment of prospects at the same instant. These are political, economic along with many others. But there is another fact as well. Whatever may be the aspects, Hindus inhabiting rural Bengal are being victimized more and more following the same change.  And this happens to be the most brutal and apparent reality.  Mosques are being built in Hindu areas forcibly; governmental lands are also becoming easy preys to Islamists. Thefts and robberies are increasing by leaps and bounds; rapes of Hindu women under veiled lootings are also getting common increasingly. 

And rapes are not alone at the same time also. How can desecrations and lootings of Hindu temples with ever-increasing assaults on Hindus be evaded? Can anyone deny the horror of Taranagar Rupnagar that happened recently?  In spite of being unusual in the national scenario, such episodes are becoming daily affairs almost in extensive areas.

What can Hindus do then?  They do go to the police and administration, remaining indifferent to them always, if not more. And to steer clear of any dispute, police is found to adopt a few measures these days. They do not accept any complaint of Hindus against Islamists; besides, they do not receive any application with stamps – violating legal procedures highly. Experiences prove that most illegal jobs are done by police on the whole.

If Hindus (being helpless) exert pressure while making FIR or submitting any complaint against Islamists, they are prevented by police officials in every capacity and this ranges from admonition (of arresting them) to use of slanderous words. Incidents where complainants are arrested are no more uncommon.

But the same police force gets highly proactive at a number of times and myriad instances of it are available. Some of them are – charge against 61 Hindus in Bhasna Benepara, P.S. Dhola owing to the death (result of mass thrashing) of a Muslim dacoit caught red-handed, horrific torture on Hindu women in midnight as part of a raid in quest of culprits following death of two Muslim dacoits (owing to mass beating) caught then and there in Jalaberia. Role of police in Taranagar Rupnagar is just the opposite.

To be precise, police has lost its vitality and impartiality in the Indian state of Bengal and has turned itself into a mere bootlicker of the party in power. It has become the greatest sycophant of Islamic felons as well. Hindus, as a result, living in rural areas have lost confidence on police and this pathetic reality is giving rise to mass thrashing. If the administration in Bengal does not become proactive and completely impartial, the Islamic aggression in the realm of the state will remain unchecked. The consequence will be one and simple – flight of Hindus will increase and the empty lands will give in to Islamists finally.

Emergence of a Kashmir on the eastern part of India is getting evident gradually more. Hindu society in Bengal has got to gear up to resist this fast worsening situation. We have to vow to struggle till the end.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Struggle – Deep-rooted anti-Hindu conspiracy

Hindu Samhati, abiding by democratic norms, had a plan to submit a memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor, West Bengal, to protest against providing Rs. 2, 500 per month to Imams. It was also planned that on April, 24, Hindu Samhati activists would make a gathering at College Square (at first), from there they would travel either to Metro Channel or Rani Rashmoni Road; a small team of HS representatives would go to Rajbhavan from there and submit the said memorandum. To make this a reality, necessary permission was sought from Joint CP (Headquarters). Nevertheless, responses from the very department proved to be weird in every sense of the term. In the beginning, it was stated promptly that owing to programs of others on April, 24 permission would not be given. Consequently, a new application to organize the HS program on April 25 (on the very next day) was submitted. There was no response but after repeated inquiries Joint CP (Headquarters) said unflinchingly that no permission (in any capacity) would be given to Hindu Samhati.

When the reason behind such a decision was asked, it was learnt to be the diktat of Javed Shamim (Joint CP) and to do anything as regards the same, Hindu Samhati would have to meet him. When an appointment with him was demanded, his personal assistant rejected it outright and sent HS representatives to O.C., Lalbazar who did brush aside each and every plea of Hindu Samhati. The application of Hindu Samhati for permission couldn’t be submitted, hence.       

Nonetheless, both BJP and VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) were allowed (by police) to organize meetings on the same issue. And this was not the end as more startling facts were also being found out; Hindu Samhati was not being allowed to hold meetings even in districts of the state too.  What can be deduced then? The conspiracy to restrain Hindu Samhati was not confined to the corridors of Lalbazar only; districts in Bengal are not under the jurisdiction of Lalbazar or Commissioner of Kolkata Police. The operation was done under the aegis of the topmost brass of Bengal administration, who happens to be none other than Mamata Banerjee, reigning Chief Minister of Bengal.

All these lead to a new question. What makes Bengal CM restrain Hindu Samhati, a minuscule Hindu organization? Well, let’s get specific. It would have been difficult to answer this a few months back but no more. There are several answers, to be precise. Firstly, it has become crystal clear to citizens in Bengal that the first and foremost job of Trinamool Congress happens to be appeasement of Islamists. The measures adopted by the Bengal government till now can easily be explored. These are special financial package for Imams and Muazzins, recognition of 10, 000 madrasas across the state, declaration of Urdu as second language, surrendering almost the whole of jobs (within the purview of OBC reservation) to Muslims, lavish endowments to Muslim male students, rendering free cycles to Muslim female students, decision to make medical college under Aliah University and study of Islamic history mandatory there, construction of twenty-storied Haz Manjil. People, hence, are concluding that the present government is only for Islamists and none else.

On April 03, 2012, a few Imams, at the Imam conference organized by the state government, were found to state audaciously that endeavor and performance of Didi’s (Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee) government to better Muslims in Bengal simply trounce others, even Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. It is to be noted, prior to this event, Imams, in the assemblage for Id at the Red Road just admonished Mamata. And the baffled state government to maintain its support and sway (therefore) among Muslims started blatant appeasement throughout the state from that very day. It’s known to all that chief advisers of Mamata Banerjee, now, are Imam Barkati, Toha Siddique, Siddiqullah Chowdhury.

Hindu Samhati, in spite of being a small organization, has played noble roles to defend religion, property and dignity of Hindus in various districts of Bengal and under its leadership, Hindus are being found to resist Islamists in the rural areas. As a result, Mamata has been pressurized by Islamists to call Hindu Samhati’s marching a halt and it became most apparent on February 14 when police applied a desperate effort to foil Hindu Samhati’s 4 th anniversary. But the utter failure in it just infuriated Mamata Devi. This happens to be the first reason.

There is another reason as well. It is no longer a secret to people that Mamata, following the much-hyped change or “Poriborton”, is deeply influenced by autocratic mindset. She, hence, can’t tolerate any criticism of her or praises of others. There are myriad instances of it ranging from Park Street rape incident, Damayanti Sen, Katoa rape incident to removal of Dinesh Goswami, ex-Union Railway Minister. Disillusioned Hindus, as a result, are considering Hindu Samhati as the last refuge. The rise of Hindu Samhati and its burgeoning popularity has become an eyesore to Mamata. Under her instructions and to please her, police and administration, to fight down Hindu Samhati, are not obeying legal procedures and courts any more; besides, measures to stamp HS down tyrannically are being adopted increasingly. Alas, a large number of senior police officials of Bengal viz. IAS, IPS, are not able to do anything against the autocratic acts of Mamata. And the condition of experienced and senior ministers of the state government is indeed pitiable.

The effect of all these is highly evident; the state of Bengal is at a stake. There can also be a dangerous effect. When Hindu Samhati is not being allowed to perform democratically, strong reactions may take place among Hindu youths and accordingly, they, failing to count on democratic and peaceful procedures of Hindu Samhati, may switch over to secretive and violent activities. It might be the conspiracy of any agency to make Hindu youths get extremist.   

The word “Islamic terrorist group” is known to all throughout the globe and the term, without doubt, disgraces Islam universally. And it’s a good strategy to shame any other religious group likewise. What we are saying is to make clear that there may be conspiracies (internationally) to create Hindu terrorist group. Perhaps Mamata Devi, without ascertaining the cruel truth, is becoming a mere dupe to similar form of conspiracy.

Activists and members of Hindu Samahati must not become victims of such a conspiracy – they have got to remain aware of the same.                

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Struggle – Bengal is in a disarray

West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee. A strange relation indeed (at this point in time) and hence, it’s next to impossible to determine whose zodiacal constellation is Jupiter or Saturn (now).  Is there any definite reason to initiate the writing in such a harsh tone? Well, there are a few. Many people hoped that the much-talked “Poriborton” would lead to drastic changes in Bengal and the state, hence, would remain under the tutelage of zodiacal constellation of Jupiter.

Alas! All those have gone down the drain; series of nasty developments (remaining unchecked) viz. murder, rape, bullying, theft, robbery and above all the recent episode of Damayanti Sen – are enough to make one believe that Bengal is yet to get rid of the zodiacal constellation of Saturn, infamous for its menaces.   

Again, if the developments occurred hitherto are taken into consideration, one has no option but to accept a crude truth – Mamata has lost the turf war. Indeed this is hard to accept as the word defeat is not found in her personal dictionary; but it’s also true that she has not been able to rein in any strong and riotous force thus far, especially Islamists, in the state.  

On the contrary, Islamists have got victorious at times; to be precise, they have made Mamata bow down before them categorically. On the day of Eid, during the Namaz at Red Road, she was chided by Imams in the open.  Mamata was just hinted a way; the way which Islamists, spearheaded by Imams, made use of to dethrone CPIM.   And it was not difficult at all – Mograhat episode involving wild attacks of Islamists on police (on duty to stop hooking of electricity in the vicinity) and police’s counter-attack for self-defense had taken place already.

However the state government was prompt enough to compensate the losses there!! And shortly, 171 people who died in hooch tragedy in the same Mograhat were paid 2 lakh each – all these happened since persons involved were Muslims (majorly) and Didi has the devout task to take care of them. Was this enough for her? No! There was the need of more to authenticate her pro-Muslim image. With this end in view, Mamata became instrumental to declare Urdu as the second language of the state at the Imams’ conference (happening under the aegis of State Government), recognize 10, 000 madrasa s, providing a monthly stipend of Rs 2,500 for 30,000 Imams in Bengal with various other facilities like housing schemes and funds for education of their children – all these are features of Mamata’s surrender to Islamists.

This is not all; tens of hundreds of such incidents have taken place and naturally, the space is too short here to write a few words of each of them. You can find those out in

Lots have been perceived. Isn’t it? We have seen the onslaught on police station at Kulpi and molestation of women of concerned families right there; efforts to snatch defendants (sub judice) and police rifles, ravishment of women at Park Street (Kolkata) and Katoa, holding the state to ransom from March 19-21 through wreaking havoc on the civic order, no arrest of persons liable for all these – do prove the extent of Mamata’s submission to Islamists.

And what she is doing in the interim has also become known to all – based on numerical majority in the Assembly she is either being found to reprimand or to transfer people (like Damayanti Sen) – but all these have failed to create any impact on insolent Islamists till now and there is no hope any such, if views of political analysts or mere pundits are considered.

How can Hindus in rural Bengal be in this situation is easily discernible. Will Hindus of Bengal be able to get rid of this nemesis? It’s a million-dollar question and perhaps this is not the opportune moment to have the answer. But one thing can be said now – to wage a defiant struggle against this nemesis (gaining strength with each day it passes), there is the need of a strong Hindu unity along with an audacious Hindu leadership; the leadership that will never admit defeat come what may.

Hindu Samhati, ever since its inception, has been fighting against all ills, and these relentless struggles have brought about a conviction within it – Hindus of Bengal are not cowards, they know how to fight and also the ways to inflict worst defeat on enemies. But they are swindled (at each time) by leaders masquerading under the borrowed of skin of pseudo-secularism. And in accordance with history, Bengal was partitioned in 1947 likewise.

But surely history will not be repeated at this time. A new chronicle will be written as Hindus will identify the swindlers and will opt for the vibrant, audacious and brawny Hindu leadership, discarding them. 

This is the one and only destiny of Hindus. The faster they do it, the better it is.