Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our Struggle – Troubles of State and Nation are not similar

On December 10-11 the Fourth Annual Meeting of Hindu Samhati is going to take place in Malia, District: Hooghly. While the forthcoming convention will analyze activities of the organization, recent developments in the state following the recent change of guard and subsequent tactics will also be mulled over. It is also worthwhile to mention that activities intended for the February 14 conference have also initiated. Two eminent personalities will grace the occasion at this time – while one of them is an American, a neo-convert to Hinduism, the other one happens to be a celebrated Bengali professor of London School of Economics. An in-depth analysis of reigning state of affairs in the entire country will also be taken into consideration, in this meeting.          

Without a shred of doubt, corruption in higher strata of Indian social structure and black money in foreign banking institutions are gaining extensive attentions both within and outside the Parliament. An expectation is also climbing up that this would be a golden opportunity for several opposition parties including BJP to topple the UPA government headed by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi once and for all. Perhaps it will happen but undoubtedly, the chronicle of putrescence is gripping the social scenario such that each one can be a part in the race of corruption. A good number of ministers of BJP are connected with illegal mining in the state of Karnataka and many of them have also been jailed already. What is more, Ramesh Pokhriwal, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, has already been withdrawn by BJP on charges of corruption. All these prove that there is no easy end to corruption. How can all these be dealt with? There is always the need of a strong anti-corruption movement and both Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare have become able to do the same.

There are dark sides too. Political parties, opposition to the Congress, are trying to turn this movement into an anti-government struggle and thus to make profits. Nevertheless, people are getting more and more conscious and as a result, reputation of Anna Hazare, instead of LK Advani, is on the rise. To be sure, it is high time for people to get conscious that defeat of a corrupt government is not enough, stringent legal and administrative measures must be there to prevent any successive government from doing the same. The first and foremost aim of Anna Hazare’s struggle is also in the same track; its aim is not to dethrone the reigning Congress government from the center of power simply. Hindu Samhati heralds the glorious struggle of Anna Hazare.

Now here is another issue. Corruption is not the only hindrance to the people of Bengal, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Kerala. Existence of Hindus in all these states is at stake. And it is no longer a secret that Hindus are paying heavy prices for the State structure’s trepidation and fallacy of secularism; they are turning into minority, as a result, with each day it passes. Hindus have already been driven out from the state of Kashmir (completely) whereas eviction is unabated in the other states. Myriad Pakistan-like quarters (of both small and medium sizes) can be found in these states; due to these factors Hindus are either living in these areas in despair or just fleeing. What does this stark reality prove? Hindus can’t live any longer paying no attention to these – it’s self-annihilation and Hindus must be made understand. National integration in these states, like Kashmir, is in the balance and existence, security and dignity of Hindus are on the verge of extinction. But it’s also a cruel fact that no Anna Hazare is there to emphasize these mounting plights of Hindus.

Hindus in these states have to take some harsh facts (truth) into consideration. Revolutionaries in Bengal and Punjab, during the anti-British struggle couldn’t ascertain the rapid Islamic expansion that turned their descendants into refugees and made them leave their country of origin forever and a day. This error should not be repeated at all. Hindu Samhati is going on with the job of safeguarding Hindu existence persistently. This is a historic job indeed and those who will perform the same will do a significant duty. Posterity will remain indebted to them.   

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Struggle – Change & Challenge

A historical change “Poriborton” – by the ouster of formidable Left Front – has taken place in the Indian state of Bengal and it is almost 6 months old by now. But with each day it passes, it is becoming harder for Ms. Mamata Banerjee to deal with the existing reality – the job is indeed tougher than brining the said historical change even. She, all alone, is fighting at many fronts at the same instant and some of these happen to be desperate endeavors to rejuvenate the saga of development in the state, cope with the economic deficiency, develop and modernize basic infrastructure of health system, confront fast rising Maoist challenge and also the Gorkhaland issue. All these challenges are being highlighted by the mainstream media too.

Nevertheless, another subject is being restricted as well in unison. It’s the challenge of fast growing Islamic fundamentalism in Bengal, perturbing the Bengal government day in and day out. How far will Ms. Banerjee fare in it? Perhaps it’s too early to criticize her in this respect. But her valiance must be credited with open hands as she has accepted the terrible challenges in all fronts including the Islamic one.

There were, without doubt, high expectations from present administration by Muslim fundamentalists. But contrary to their beliefs at several places a tough approach of the administration is being perceived by them. Lots of Muslim criminals changed their sides and joined Trinamool Congress abruptly – these people have not been spared also and scores of instances do authenticate the same. Rezzaq Mollah, one and only CPM leader (though defeated) having a strong social base still, can be taken as a good example. He almost crouched (and also begged) before Ms. Banerjee to return his 83 Muslim colleagues. All these prove social base of Rezzaq Mollah, erstwhile dreadful CPM leader, is among Muslims in Bengal only and not any other community. It has been learnt from confidential sources, the majority of aforesaid 83 Muslims happen to be criminals.

Now, let’s concentrate on another imperative subject – Bakri –Eid or Eid-ul-Zaha, passed recently creating furors at the same time. It is to be noted, the scene was not the same in the entire state. There was a high expectation that the presence of Supreme Court diktat to call cow slaughter a halt would put an end to this heinous practice. But the outcome was just the opposite and all these make an individual deduce that both administration and Mamata have failed to implement the court order by the book.

There is another development too – the chronicle of cow slaughter has failed to gratify desires of Muslims also. They did make several efforts to butcher cows at lots of newer places but failed ultimately. While at some places they were precluded by local administration, Hindu Samhati activists, in their own areas, also fought valiantly to impede the same. To be sure, the result is satisfactory. Notable successes were achieved in some places including Amta, Durbarhat in P.S. Falta, Purakait Para in Budge Budge and Sankrail.

Another strong support was there too. A team of Rashtriya Goraksha Sena led by Sri Ashu Mongia came all the way to Kolkata from Delhi to extend its hands to bring cow slaughter to an end in Bengal once and for all. Through bringing orders of several courts across India to stop cow slaughter into play the team acted gallantly to stop the practice at different parts in Kolkata. A good number of Hindu Samhati activists helped them to make the cause a success. They had some tragic experiences as well. Three days prior to Bakri –Eid, the team went to perceive the extensive cow market in Chitpur, Kolkata at night and at that time they were thrashed by the Islamic ruffians highly. Police personnel of P.S. Chitpur saved the team, even if they were also attacked by Muslim felons.

Time is changing fast; people across Bengal are feeling the importance and need of Hindu Samhati more than ever before. Lots of calls are coming to us from different new areas in the state to initiate our works there. Surely this is a new beginning and we, without respite, are trying our best to respond to them. We do also accept that there is a dearth of activists but Hindu Samhati doesn’t know to stop; it is coping with the fast changing reality steadfastly. Changing reality is intensifying the job of Hindu Samhati.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Struggle – Ten Thousand and 1 Madrasa

It is no more any secret that more than 10, 000 unrecognized madrasas (Muslim theological school) have been acknowledged of late in the Indian state of Bengal (by the state government) yielding to the persisting demands of Muslims and unanimity between alleged secular parties, cutting across political lines, in this regard, is one of the best cacophonies heard yet. What’s the prime reason behind this exponential increase of madrasas? The only justification is that it will lead to immense development of Muslims en masse. Is it so? Well, we do not have the slightest objection if education of global standard is rendered in these Muslim theological schools and in that case, our demand is that every school across Bengal must be turned into a madrasa.

However, our experiences prove that madrasas are meant for a different purpose and it remains a great secret yet to the majority of people. Even if any political leader knows it, he/she can’t reveal it to sustain own secular image along with political clout. Let’s focus on the most recent Id, celebrated with gusto. There was another development too; celebration witnessed trenchant Muslim admonitions to the present Chief Minister, Bengal. And what was broadcasted in the same night at 10.30 pm in news channels was enough to send a shudder through backbone. While some Muslims in the gathering were found to demand making Urdu the second language of Bengal, some were lamenting of their lack of benefits in the first 100 days of the Trinamool Congress-led state government. Well, some speakers also rose to the occasion and stated categorically that Muslims, if necessary, will dethrone the present government like the earlier 34 years old government. Surely such intransigence is least expected from Muslims. What can satisfy them?

Now, we must concentrate on the basics of madrasa education. Without a shred of doubt, education provided in a madrasa is Islamic and its first and foremost obligation is to popularize and expand teachings of Hadis and al-Qur'an. And the best instances of such education are modern-day Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here is a twist but related. Sourav Ganguly’s (Bengali and Indian cricketer of international repute) quiz show is extremely famous these days. Take for example Sourav is asking a student where he/she would like to study and is also giving him/her three options – Madrasa, JNU and Kharagpur and asking another student where does he/she want to go for higher studies. Undoubtedly, none of the two will ever opt for any madrasa or any Islamic country.

Madarsa, still, is most favored object for Muslims. It does not imply development of Muslims but of Islam and career of political leaders. Result of all these is too obvious – destruction of humanity on the whole.

Section 25 (1), Constitution of India must be mentioned here. It states categorically - Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion.(1) Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practise and propagate religion.

An assortment of educational institutions like Missionary Schools, schools of Ramkrishna Mission, Vidya Bharati remain affiliated to State Education Boards or Central Education Board and there has been no problem with regard to anything yet. Why is there need of separate board for madrasa then? Why are Muslims feeling need of an independent Madrasa Service Commission too? Isn’t this mentality sowing a notion of schism between Hindus and Muslims? Will it be possible ever to retrieve equality between religious communities through Mamata Banerjee?

Here is a strong instance of appeasing Muslims. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, ex-Chief Minister of Bengal, stated in January, 2002, “Muslims are being bred in madrasas” and he was also the same person who refuted it owing to immense pressure of his own political party, CPM. But we haven’t forgotten anything. Well, whatever it is, Buddhadeb Babu did realize the ominous trend of religion-based education in madrasa (under a secular social system) but could not divulge the truth thanks to vote-bank politics.

Adverse fate of Mohammed Morsalin, teacher of Akra High Madrasa, 24 Paraganas (South) can’t also be ruled out. One of his essays “Satya Mithya” was published in Eid edition of literary magazine “Pragoti” in 2005. Once it was published, revered teacher along with his family became victim of Islamic vandalism. While he was assailed grievously, his residence was plundered. Administration turned into a mute spectator only and the liberal teacher had to succumb to Islamic fundamentalism.

In accordance with Bengal government records, in 1977, number of students in madrasas was 4,388 and in 2010, the figure moved upward to 4, 50,000 indicating 100% rise in number. And the state expenditure has risen from Rs. 5, 60, 000 (in 1977) to Rs. 610 crores (in 2010), if not more. A few liberal Muslims became able to determine the ailment in Muslim society of late and one of them is Gias-ud-din. He has stated clearly in various articles, “Madrasa education and madrasa culture are highly responsible to the degradation of Muslim society.” And culmination of the same degradation is the establishment of Aliah (University) Madrasa, Kolkata, already in the news since study of Arabic language along with Islamic learning, like any ordinary madrasa, has been made mandatory here. This is not all.

Muslim Students’ Organization has issued fatwa (ruling) that female teachers must also burka conforming to Islamic practices. The same has already become compulsory for girl students thanks to fatwa. One Muslim teacher, Shirin Midya, did not succumb to this fatwa; she was not allowed to take classes. She has been transferred to the Salt Lake campus of University for safety.

Political leaders in conjunction with intellectuals in India, for personal interests, are succumbing to Islam and are terming this as development of Muslims. We have had two finest instances of Islamic social system, Pakistan and Bangladesh and both portray how everything can get worse from bad. Perhaps Indian leaders are trying to convert whole of India into another Talibanised Pakistan through policies developing Muslims.

Who can cure an ailing individual? He who has a good knowledge of human anatomy; likewise Indian leaders must go through Hadis, al-Qur'an to gain knowledge of Muslim society and develop it. Globally renowned writers, Anwar Sheikh and Ali Sina consider Sharia Law of Islam as more lethal than Fascism. And it is enough to destroy leading ideals like Gandhism, Marxism or Secularism. Is West Bengal heading towards it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Struggle – Assembly Election Results in Five States

Results of Assembly Elections in four states of India – West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (Union Territory) – have come to the fore already. While Congress and its cohorts have got victorious in states of West Bengal, Assam and Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry have been won by AIADMK (of Ms. Jayalalita) and a regional party respectively. Now as far as Bengal is concerned such a drastic result was expected and this expectation had grown up thanks to the disastrous performances of CPIM-led Left Front in preceding Panchayat, Lok Sabha and Municipal elections. With the defeat of Left Front in Bengal Assembly Election – 2011 the saga completed. Ms. Mamata Banerjee got her due (resulting from a defiant struggle for decades); she is the reigning Chief Minster in Bengal. What’s the situation of BJP then? Its votes has come down to 4% from 6% in the state.

In keeping with the existing reality, I would like to make readers heed a significant issue and it’s also the time to mull over this too. Had there been no democracy in India could we have got rid of 34-year long oppressions of CPM in Bengal? For that reason, we do propose a toast to persons who played a great role in the crusade against CPM. Nevertheless, there is a need of deep analysis as well. Amongst the crusaders there are (no less than) 2 groups with no confidence in Indian democracy. While one of these is the Islamic power with conviction in Sharia Law, the other one is Maoists rooted in Marxist thoughts only.

We want to notify people of dangers from these two groups, if they continue to get backing from Mamata Banerjee and her team. This would definitely lead to establishment of Marxist or Maoist authoritarianism or dreaded medieval Shraia hegemony. How many persons know that people remain devoid of Right to Freedom of Expression under these governances? Surely not many and if one of powers get victorious ever, people can’t remove them by casting votes or campaigning. We must get cautious of these two anti-democracy centres of power.

Now, let’s take note of results of election in Assam and Kerala. Without a shred of doubt, Congress has been getting a good support in the state of Assam and its Muslim appeasement policy has always played a prominent role in this case. It’s worthwhile to mention ASU and AGP were formed as a reaction to this terrible policy. AGP succeeded in attaining power in the state of Assam also and its alliance with BJP against Congress’ Muslim infiltration policy proved positive in Lok Sabha election as well. If a close look is given, AGP used to get votes of Assamese Hindus while BJP used to earn confidence of Bengali Hindus – almost all of them have been refugees from Bangladesh (former East Pakistan). The consolidated Hindu votes, it is needless to say, made the alliance triumphant. Congress, on the contrary, used to have confidence of Muslims en masse.

During Assam Assembly Election – 2011 there were some spectacular developments. AIDF, political party formed by Badruddin Ajmal, well-known perfume businessman of Hojai, got 18 out of 31 seats (certainly it offered a desperate fight). 2011 election happens to be the second one in AIDF’s history and the success, indeed, is great. If any reader is taken aback, he/she should keep in mind that Assam enjoys more than 30% Muslim votes (in the state’s entire population) and above half of it is with AIDF at the moment. Naturally, Congress would have been the worst victim hence. But the number of its seats has also risen to 78 from 53 (in the earlier election). How can this be?

Exhaustive studies do confirm that Hindus in North Assam have discarded AGP & BJP en bloc and opted for Congress. All these make us realize that desertion of Congress by Muslims has been compensated by extensive Hindu votes. Congress has got single majority – 78 seats among 126 in total, in this age of coalition – something that was beyond its dream even a few months back.

What have been reactions of AGP & BJP party leaders then? Central leadership of BJP is leaving no stone unturned to make people comprehend that downfall is the result of a dearth of alliance among parties in opposition. This is not true, in any way. Painstaking analyses of many seats in Assam state confirm that sum of votes of AGP & BJP don’t match up to votes attained by Congress. Take 3 districts of Barak Valley, Kachar, Karimgunj and Hailakandi – dominated by Bengali Hindus completely, into consideration. Kabindra Purakayastha of BJP, also veteran worker and ex-prachaak of RSS, has been the winning candidate to Lok Sabha from here. And as a result, there were 5 MLAs from this area. Now there is zero. There is hardly any Assamese here and hence, latest notion of BJP (dearth of alliance among parties in opposition) falls through.

Here is the question. Why have Hindus discarded AGP & BJP? And the question, without doubt, is vital. Go through this simple answer – Hindus (through own experiences) have already realized yielding of AGP & BJP to Muslim appeasement and that the two parties have no interest to support them. For this reason, Hindus have thought it is wise to dispose of them. Does Congress back Hindus? They don’t and it’s known to a Hindu kid even. What’s the foremost reason behind wholehearted Hindu support to Congress then? Their main intention was to call the dream of Badruddin Ajmal to become king maker a halt and to make this a reality, Hindus opted for Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Congress. Undoubtedly this is a mature stance and proves Hindus are apprehending that their existence is at stake.

Development and corruption are no longer imperative issues for Hindus in Assam these days; saving from ever-expanding Islamic aggression influences them above all. But BJP leadership, highly influenced by secular ideology of Congress, was all set to divert this reality. Well, owing to the pulling of Sangh Parivar from back a perplexing situation has been created.

Similar (mature) stance of Hindus has been witnessed in Kerala too at this time. Congress made an alliance with anti-nation Indian Muslim League, winner of 20 seats in the State Assembly Election-2011, and this situation was apprehended by Hindus months before. Therefore, at this time, they have voted without reservation for CPIM. BJP couldn’t be confided in even in Kerala, this indicates. Congress has won State Assembly Election in Kerala, without a doubt, but the margin is highly narrow.

It’s also true that BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is ruling a few important Indian states at the same instant. These include Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh; Hindus are opting for BJP only in these states. What makes Hindus act in conflicting ways then? Where Hindus are not undergoing struggle for existence, they are opting for BJP in the fight against corruption and family rule of Congress. But Hindus can’t depend on BJP solely when the situation is moving out of a frying pan into the fire.

Central leaders of BJP do also support the same theory. They continue to look at corruption and evil administration of Congress and just wait for chances to usurp the reign exploiting these issues. BJP, to be precise, neither has the competence nor has any decisive plan to create a sovereign, strong state based on Hindutva. They have abandoned Hindutva, on account of this bankruptcy. They do no longer believe that Hindutva forms the basis of Hindu Nationalism or Rashtraiyata. People do allege at times but it’s true that BJP, following the footsteps of Congress, is making great efforts to transform the party to a consortium for all.

The new consortium would be so extensive that it would contain all; this would include toad frogs and snakes, seculars and jihadis, socialists and also capitalists like Ambani s. This was known to be the intrinsic concept of Congress but BJP is earnest to follow and execute it straight away. Even if anyone criticizes this as defection or perfidy, it hardly matters for key leaders of BJP like Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj. They are masters of this new edition of BJP and even if tens of thousands of Hindutvavadis (like fools) in India continue to consider it as a pro-Hindu party, Hindus in Assam and Kerala refuse to do so.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Struggle – Post-electoral Developments

Two important developments have taken place at the same time. While on one hand globally despised terrorist Osama bin Laden has finally succumbed to the prowess and might of United States and got killed, on the other hand assembly elections 2011 in the Indian state of West Bengal has finally ended (after lots of hue and cry). Perhaps the Left force would lose power at this time and all these make us believe that there can never be any end of history. History, to be precise, continues to append new pages each day it passes. Whether we are makers of history or its outcome – this can be told by the posterity only. But it’s also true that worshippers of virility are true makers of history while fatalists turn out to be its worst victims.

For that reason, we have got to memorialize Acharya Chanakya, Shankaracharya, Vidyaranya Swami, Samarth Ramdas. Again, not only we have to bear in mind Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Govind, Rani (Queen) of Jhansi, but Mangal Pandey, Kshudiram, Pritilata, Haqiqat Rai, people of common background, also. None of these people was fatalist but virile. Hence they had the requisite potency and high spirits and created history eventually.

Truly, none of their attributes was like the common Hindus these days. Common Hindus are pessimists and spiritless. They have become victims of historic persecutions.

What should be the most ideal task of Hindus at the moment? Hindus would have to remain cautious round the clock since history will bring forth its new chapters once results of West Bengal election are declared. In general, Muslims, especially Muslims of 24 Paraganas (South), are supporting Mamata Banerjee, instead of their old custodians, these days. And for this reason, they would try to have their own shares or benefits. And Mamata, without doubt, has already given assurances. It should be watched closely whether Muslims remain content with their own shares of developments or make efforts to secure her permission to turn West Bengal into a new version of Dar al-Islam (as dictated by al-Qur'an).

It is to be noted that Left Front government succumbed to the unjust, communal demands of Muslims and expelled Taslima Nasrin (well-known author) from West Bengal. Hindus’ fate would depend a lot on how Mamata Banerjee responds to all these in near future.

Our apprehensions are not trivial. The fast worsening situation in Bengal is being comprehended through an assortment of news coming to Hindu Samhati office almost on a daily basis. Few of these are worth mentioning. As soon as the election ended and security forces were withdrawn, Islamic zealots started making illegal constructions of mosques.

Both in PianjGunj of Usti and Khabrapota of Swarupnagar such activities have been brought to an end. HS workers, in several places, have got wounded as a result but the struggle continues and is in full swing. Sadly, a few police officers, bribed by Islamic fundamentalists, are repressing Hindus extremely and one of these is surely Prabhat Pramanik of Charghat Phari, P.S. Swarupnagar. Without doubt, these police officers have discredited their own mothers and will be termed as traitors in the Hindu history. People would detest these people immensely.

Hindu Samhati workers are conscious of the potential (also novel) developments in the post-election period. Hindus have got to wage a struggle for liberation. I want to make Hindus conscious of one issue only. In the coming days of struggle they must call all Hindus, irrespective of political parties, cordially to stand by Hindus. They must state if Muslims can get united for Islamic Ummah, Hindus must also get joined to save Hindus. Our aim is Hindu Unity above all political affiliations and also ramifications. This Hindu Unity can save West Bengal only.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Struggle - Hindu Samhati in upcoming State Assembly Election

It is great to state yet again that the stupendous success of 3 rd Anniversary of Hindu Samhati on April 14, 2011at Raja Subodh Mallik Square has intensified the ongoing struggle of procuring Hindu identity to a large extent. But it’s also true, at the same instant, that presence of a strong 20,000 crowd in the assemblage would do no justice to our success. On the contrary, success depends upon the number of Hindus motivated by us to struggle for own identity and sanctity of Dharma.

We are giving a clarion call to members of Hindu Samhati – they must keep a close eye on whether the leadership remains busy with organizing programs or making preparation for newer struggles on the whole. Our programs should not turn into insensible rituals but podium of newer struggles, getting more and more common these days.

We are declaring with conviction – struggle to defend self-worth and right of Hindus in Bengal is imminent. And those who want to steer clear of the struggle, exodus remains the only option for them. We are making strong efforts to make HS members realize that any such exodus is disgraceful and also expresses an impotent viewpoint only. It is better to die in the battlefield than to flee from it as cowards.

In the year 1947 Bengali Hindus did take flight instead of waging a battle to save own dignity and right. But the reason was something different. Bengali Hindus were not cowards but they couldn’t fight owing to the absence of such a pledge. Any such decision is adopted by the leadership only and Hindu leaders in 1947 betrayed call of the time. As far as communists are concerned, Pakistan was a welcome option for them as it was destined to save Hindu and Muslim peasantry from the age-old oppression of Hindu landlords. But the same communists were the first in the list of evacuees. A few of them are Jyoti Basu, Pramod Dasgupta, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Biman Basu.

The then Congress was more vociferous against the partition of India. It was stated that MK Gandhi would apply the same tactics of non-cooperation, non-violence and hunger-strike against partition as he did against the British Raj. Till 14 th June of 1947 (on the same day the Congress Working Committee adopted the resolution for undivided India’s partition and Mr. Gandhi too supported it by delivering a speech of 1 hour) Hindus were deceived entirely and the formal partition took place within a span of next 2 months. On account of all these, Hindus didn’t get the time to have its own struggling leadership instead of then betrayers. The fate of Bengali Hindus was thus sealed and the same tradition continues still in West Bengal.

Photographs of such betrayers are respected still in offices of political parties dominating the Bengal scenario and hence, there is the need of a new leadership, potent enough to motivate Bengali Hindus to become warriors.

Now it’s essential to study the upcoming state assembly election in West Bengal based on the aforementioned analysis. No political party would ever come forward to save dignity and right of Bengali Hindus or make them true warriors but all of them, without a single exception, have already succumbed to the Jihadi imperialism. What is our role in such a situation? We would have to opt for tactical voting.

No political party is dear and near to us. Each one is busy in appeasing Muslims ruining the Hindus over and over and as a result, none should be supported once and for all. HS cadres must realize that tactical voting remains one of the greatest weapons of the Muslim community and there would surely be no difference at this time too. Muslims would go for 100% tactical voting and one of their religious leaders has already said that the community would support Mamata Banerjee to teach CPIM a lesson. But if it’s necessary they would also dump Mamata Banerjee in future. However, it is not clear still who would the next option be after Mamata.

We have got confirmations from classified sources that Muslims would make up their own political party within a short period of crowning Mamata and would start demanding their own rights with full might. Surely there would be no dearth of money. Necessary arms and ammunitions would be rendered by the ISI and the Muslim community is ever on the rise. Once this scheme gets victorious, their next step would be to make India a dar-ul-islam. Tactical voting remains the best way to call all these a halt and Bengali Hindus must go for the same strategy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Struggle --- Third Year of Hindu Samhati

It’s another 14th February and with it the foundation day of Hindu Samhati will be commemorated with grandeur yet again. Nevertheless, there is a difference this year. The coming 14 th February marks the third year of the organization; an organization that has traveled a lot from its nascent stage and the journey has never been smooth apparently. It may sound strange to many these days but in fact, within four months of the official proclamation of Hindu Samhati, it was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in Ganga Sagar. And as a result, 15 of its most committed workers along with Tapan Ghosh, founder of the organization, were put behind bars without reason.

It was the beginning of an arduous journey and Hindu Samhati has been able to prove its virility and worth beyond doubt. Now we are heading towards Raja Subodh Mallick Square in Kolkata, venue to hold the coming convention. Tens of thousands of Hindus are sure to arrive at the said venue and strengthen the movement. Now the question remains – why would they come and what makes us go through this troublesome journey.

If you have the desire to know the same, you have to get acquainted with our mission before anything. And our dedication to strive to attain the same has been the greatest reason for the success thus far. The mission is to save Hindus in Bengal from religious persecution and affronts of iconoclasts or Islamic supremacists' torments that have been going on for centuries at a stretch. There is simply no end to the same!

Muslims ruled the country for seven hundred years, if not more; they partitioned the undivided nation based on religion (making Hindus suffer extremely); they have also been responsible for converting one-third of the entire population. But their aspirations are simply endless. These days they are busy in projecting their own declines and are shameless to state even that they’re being discriminated. This is indeed a great mockery and tragically, Hindus are its first and foremost victims.

Sadly enough, not even a Hindu religious leader concentrates on the same issue ever; not to speak of the political leaders. But Hindus of Bengal are conscious that the deterioration hails from sterility of the Muslim society and is a self-invented scheme. Truly, the same backwardness helps Muslims to increase their numbers incredibly and outnumber Hindus in population and resort to violence on any pretext.

It is known to Hindus well that Muslims remain familiar with the said methods and all those to extend their own supremacy and conquer newer areas round the clock. All these indicate that Hindus, as a result, would get insulted, assaulted or ravished, and at the end would take flight. Bear in mind that the last one has been happening almost without exceptions and is called as exodus or journey by a large group of people to escape from a hostile environment.

Really, the same is getting common in lots of districts of West Bengal more and more. Deganga is the latest instance; the situation is deteriorating there with the passing of each day. And even the political parties there (following the ghastly persecution) can’t assure Hindus to inhabit.

Who can be more experienced than Bengali Hindus? They do know well agonies of becoming refugee and are apprehending the same these days once again. They’re in search of an antidote and name of the same medicine is Hindu Samhati. Tens of thousands of Hindu men and women are coming forward hearing the clarion call of Hindu Samhati.

What is greatest reason behind such an overwhelming success in just three years? There is a simple answer to it. Hindu Samhati has never adopted any short, easy way. What is more, it has never pulled back and opted for shortcut methods to deal with the reigning issue. On the contrary, it has made Hindus realize that they would have to fight on their own and build up mass resistance against atrocities with best efforts. Those who have responded to all these, they have never found themselves alone. Hindu Samhati has become a part of their struggles. Many people have comprehended this as the beginning of a new chapter in history. This is the chronicle of Hindu mass resistance.

To become a part of this new yet valiant chronicle hundreds and hundreds of Hindus would convene at Raja Subodh Mallick Square in Kolkata on 14 th February. It feels great to state that to bless this ascension celebrated and struggling Hindu leadership along with venerated Sanyyasis (sages) would be present on the occasion. There shall be the presence of two special guests as well – eminent human rights workers, Dr. Richard Benkin and Ms. Mirium Jones, from USA and Australia successively.

People who have been our companions in this historic struggle would throng in large numbers on 14 th February. Those who have experienced that Hindus can also struggle, are helped by other Hindus and people abroad during hours of crisis, are definite to make the approaching third foundation day a historic success.

For all these reasons, the convention would not be a small and glorious one only in any way. Rather, it would be a site where from people would resolve for greater and more intense struggles in coming days. Each and every Hindu of Bengal is cordially invited to take part in assembly of 14 th February.