Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Struggle - Durga Puja and Bakr-Eid – Far-Reaching Consequences

The Hindu festival Durga Puja and Muslim festival Bakr-Eid in 2012 happened close to each other. And such a development is (always) enough to heighten worries within both government and administration. There can be severe troubles regarding cow slaughter in various areas, especially Hindu-Muslim mixed areas.  To be precise, cow slaughter does not take place peacefully in any year and in this year, 2012, Bakr-Eid was just two days after the Holy Puja. Holy Deities of Goddess Durga will be in pandal (a large open-sided temporary pavilion) s. Small troubles can be turned into bigger ones in the wink of an eye – this dread reigns extremely within the state administration of Bengal. Any Hindu-Muslim trouble, without doubt, will be a great slap on the Bengal administration. Hence, the administration is gearing up to deal with the crisis – a crisis management has already been deployed in the field.

Nevertheless, all these make us ask a very pertinent question – the administration and police is getting ready to handle the crisis. But in which way? Are they acting in accordance with legal procedures? The answer is most apparent to us – NO. Defenders of law do not count on legal measures much. They consider illegal measures as both practical and easier than any form of legal approach. To administer the state of Bengal, they have hardly any regards to legal structure.   
Orders of both Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Calcutta High Court regarding cow slaughter are already there. Both do state – cow slaughter on Bakr-Eid is strictly prohibited. It is worthwhile to mention that the Calcutta High Court has already given the very order for two times. But the administration doesn’t do it and will never do it as well. According to the administration – Muslims are in no mood to obey this declaration of Hon’ble Courts. They will go on with slaughtering cows and any obstruction offered to it will cause a bloody riot altogether. Hence, administration, governed by this weird mindset, believes that Islamists are at liberty to carry out cow slaughtering and what is most essential to them is lack of evidence. Police and administration, therefore, do not have moral obligation to enforce the orders given by courts. 

However, there will be problems – whenever Hindus will try to resist cow slaughtering citing the court orders. What will police do then? Will it follow the court verdict or make all efforts to placate Muslim electorates? If Hindus, strengthened by orders of court, force to call cow slaughter a halt – what will happen then? As a result, police is ready beforehand, to quell any such (abrupt) development. The police has a good solution – no necessity to make Muslims follow the court verdict but to nip any sort of Hindu protest in the bud. And it would be in each and every illegal manner. The sole agenda of administration is to subdue Hindus (in any way) who dare to protest ever and even if they are innocent, their residences must be raided and banished outside. In a word, Hindus have to put under a sort of house arrest. This is the best way to retain discipline in Bengal during cow slaughter. Every year, as per statistics, at least, 100000 cows are slaughtered in this state.

And from before the entrance of Mamata Banerjee into the helm of affairs, police and administration has been retaining an unwritten constitution in the state – a) no hindrance can be proffered to Islamists slaughtering cows in (exclusively) Muslim areas; b) in Hindu-Muslim mixed areas where cows were slaughtered earlier – slaughtering have to be permitted; c) if Hindus do not prevent or appeal to administration to stop it, in newer (mixed) areas where Muslims are readying for slaughtering cows – slaughtering will be allowed; d) in places where Hindus are using legal measures viz. submission of mass petition, deputation to administration to stop cow slaughtering – all-party meetings would be convened in police stations or BDO offices to determine a solution.

And the solution of a problem doesn’t indicate apposite implementation of legal measures. It is to maintain law and order on the day of Bakr-Eid. And to reach the success, political parties are consulted to suppress Hindus. There is no need of thrashing in several areas even, only an aggressive chasing of Hindus and deployment of armed police contingent before Hindu strongholds do a great deal. The sole intention is to terrorize Hindus.  

Thus, cow slaughtering and maintenance of law and order are going on for years after years. The main idea is to steer clear of any problem and to do whatever is necessary to make Muslims happy. And nothing more is vital for both government and administration.  What will be its far-reaching consequences? It’s the time to make people conscious of the same.

Thanks to these notions of administration, Muslims will (and in several cases they have already started) consider that they do not have to obey laws, court verdicts of India. They will also realize that police and political parties here are ever ready to assist them to violate administrative and court orders. What is more, Islamists will also comprehend that it is not binding for them to venerate the religious ideology, sentiments of the majority Hindu community in India.

All these manifest, Islamists, being holy minorities, have every right to trample and dishonor Hindu feelings. But they must heed two factors all at once – what rights have been given to the minorities in Islamic countries? How will Islamists in Saudi Arabia react if Hindus ask for slaughtering pigs there? Will Hindus residing in Murshidabad, Malda, Dinajpur (South) – Muslim-majority districts – have the opportunities meant for minorities only?

The second effect of illegal slaughtering of cows in Bakr-Eid will be on Hindus. Hindus in India will understand that laws and regulations of the land are not relevant for Muslims in the country and if they protest against this discrimination, they will be termed as culprits by defenders of law. No protest against illegal and unfair jobs of Muslims will be tolerated also; people belonging to this community are above law. All these indicate – Muslims are specially privileged in India.

Here is the consequence of adverse mindsets of Hindus and Muslims, as regards cow slaughtering – the illicit desires of Muslims will enhance and Hindus’ surrender to the same – these will increase by and large.

Myriad evidences of these are already available – compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs through attacking staff of electric supply, Rs. 2 lakhs as a result of hooch tragedy, Rs. 1, 000 for going to school, cycle to each Muslim school girl, allowances for both Imams and Muazzins, permission to construction of Aligarh Muslim University’s campus (unreasonably), compelling students of MBBS and Engineering to read Arabic language and Islamic history at Aliah University (government university) – the list of Islamic appeasement is endless.

We are asking people to think – is there any end of this? All these will lead to the formation of an Islamic state in Eastern India. Hindus have to gear up to confront and trounce this nemesis.