Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why is there such a vociferous opposition against Hindu Samhati?

Both political pundits and experienced activists do assert that any organization undergoes three stages in its life span – they are disdain and negligence, vigorous opposition and recognition (last and final stage). Now if the saga of fiver years of Hindu Samhati (ever since its inception) is considered – the organization is having the second stage or vigorous opposition at the moment. Hindu Samhati took merely three years to go beyond the first stage and only on the fourth anniversary (2012) we had to face immense repression of the state government.

Even one of our supporters, aged 84, was arrested on flimsy ground as the administration was hell-bent to hinder our fortitude to celebrate fourth anniversary with splendor come what may. The permission to hold the anniversary was also annulled, president of Hindu Samhati – Tapan Ghosh was arrested and even posters of HS were torn (as part of a nasty design) at several places. Official complaints were filed against HS president on same issue (poster and handbill) at various police stations. And in 2013 the repression of state government on Hindu Samhati has intensified altogether.

Police made efforts (in every capacity) to foil 5 th Anniversary of Hindu Samhati on February 14, 2013. But the triumph of Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, happened to be the only reality. Now, to avenge the defeat, police is leaving no stone unturned, feigned cases are being brought against HS president increasingly by police force of different districts in Bengal. Bosses of police consider that arrest of Tapan Ghosh would be enough to prevent the growth of Hindu Samhati. Is there any more need to state how Hindu Samhati is going through the second stage? If Hindu Samhati can outdo this second stage, no force can prevent advent of the third stage – Recognition of Hindu Samhati in each echelon of Bengal.

But all these lead to another grave question and it is regarding the adversaries or the power excessively determined to halt the progression of Hindu Samhati. Does this opposition come from police force only? It can’t be accepted; police has nothing to do with this and it is no secret, Hindu Samhati receives the support of police at several places.  Who is using police against Hindu Samhati then? It can’t be anyone except the ruling party in Bengal – Trinamool Congress.

What makes Trinamool Congress oppose Hindu Samhati? Hindu Samhati is no political outfit; neither does it contest in election nor has it ever impeded TMC’s political ride. It must be stated with conviction, Hindu Samhati does consider CPIM as an equally pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu party and there is no confidence on BJP even in this respect. If the position of BJP is considered truly, it is not more than slender at all and Hindu Samhati activists do abide by the instruction – that political party, ready to work for Hindus, has got to be supported only.

According to our analysis, no political party in Bengal can be supported hence. Why is Trinamool Congress recklessly determined to crush Hindu Samhati then? It’s the time for activists and supporters of Hindu Samhati to grasp this reality.

To cut a long story short, both Trinamool Congress and its supreme leader, Mamata Banerjee, are being controlled by Islamic fundamentalist forces, unabated in Bengal these days. Muslim leadership in Bengal does assert (time and again) that 30% Muslim population in Bengal has played the pivotal role behind the ascension of Trinamool Congress and forming the state government finally. However, no leader is there in TMC who can speak for Hindus.

Now, the issue is regarding Hindu support for Trinamool Congress. Didn’t Hindus vote for TMC extensively in the last assembly election in 2011? Could it be possible for TMC to count on Muslim votes to topple the 34-year old Left Front Government? But there is no one to say all these stridently – any such comment may make the speaker a Hindu. And a Hindu in India is nothing save a stinking communal whereas a Muslim happens to be a secular. Monopolistic control of Islamists on TMC is established, as a result. And indebted Mamata started to show her true color almost instantaneously; not a single program did take place when Mamata didn’t appear in an Islamic robe. Toha Siddique and Imam Barkati became her best friends; she gloated while being photographed along with her two great Muslim friends. To garner more supports of Muslims, she went on appeasing them in every sphere. These include reservations for Muslims, establishment of minority colleges and thus she added a novel aspect to the culture of democracy and secularism in independent India.

Some of those are worth mentioning – rendering subsidies to Imams and Muazzeins, making study of Islamic history and Arabic language compulsory for students in disciplines of engineering and medicine in the University of Alia (a government-funded educational institution). But all these have failed even to satisfy Muslims in Bengal. To have more they literally warned Mamata in public at the Red Road show for Namaz on Eid – they stated that Muslims would dump TMC like CPIM unless their demands are not met. As a result, to evade any such uncertainty, Mamata, started behaving like an obedient student of Islamists.          

Muslim radicals flexed their muscles at many places across Bengal – attacking police (in places like Mograhat, Kulpi, JInbantala), burning down Hindu villages (at Taranagar, Rupnagar, Rasa, Naliakhali). But, at each place, it became impossible for police to touch Muslim miscreants, let alone putting them behind the bars. Police was categorically instructed to steer clear of any such conflicts and arresting Islamists in particular.

Hindu Samhati, in such a vicious environment, is making Hindus conscious of all these; it is also siding with persecuted Hindus in each area. Without doubt, leadership of fundamentalist Muslims is aware of this and hence, it is instructing Mamata, Trinamool supremo and also Chief Minister of Bengal, to crush Hindu Samhati on the whole. Or else Muslim vindictiveness will not spare Mamata – Trinamool will get a harsh lesson of disobedience in the Panchayat, Lok Sabha elections round the corner.     

This happens to be the basic and most formidable reason behind vociferous opposition to Hindu Samhati. If Islamic leadership gets victorious to squash Hindu Samhati, the chronicle of Hindu defence against mounting Islamization in Bengal will end for eternity. Bengal, in that case, will become another edition of Bangladesh or Kashmir soon.

We, Hindus have lost East Bengal and can’t lose Bengal. We will not become refugees anymore and do not want to live as coward, spineless Bengalis.

For this reason, Hindu Samhati will have to go beyond the second stage in any way. West Bengal must be saved. Hindu Samhati started its journey to fulfill a divine mission; it is blessed by Maa Kali.

To make our struggle triumphant and also to outdo this strident opposition, we pray to Maa Kali for her blessing.