Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spate of Terror following Election; A Few Questions

Results of 16 th Lok Sabha Election have brought forth a historic decision by Indians on the whole; NDA led by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has achieved an astounding success through securing an absolute majority. If BJP is taken into consideration apart, the party has attained its biggest victory ever since its formation in 1980. What has been its impact in Bengal then? Even if BJP has been able to wrest two MP seats and also raise its voting share in the state considerably, Trinamool Congress by procuring 34 seats has also penned a historic success. What would be the fate of nation and state hence depends on BJP and TMC respectively; certainly Hindu Samhati is not related to it. But the reign of terror afflicting the state with a wave of bloodshed must be contemplated highly.  

Right to Vote is a rational corollary of the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression and forms the basis of any successful democracy like India. You can capture the power only if you emerge victorious in the election and this basic notion is known to all political parties. That’s why, violence during election or following it is no new development in the Indian scenario. But the picture, at this time, is different in Bengal. On the word of political pundits and other experts, the minority vote bank has played a substantial role to the astounding success of Trinamool Congress in the state. Trinamool leadership agrees to this view also and exploiting this favorable situation, minority hooligans are inflicting the worst persecution on Hindus across the length and breadth of the state. Even if this is the cruel reality, criminals are trying to paint the rush of tortures on Hindus in a political color and Trinamool party’s flag is used hence rampantly. The situation at vast areas in the district of North and South 24 Paraganas, areas close to the international India-Bangladesh border, Usti, Falta, Mograhat, areas close to the international border in North Bengal is worst; Hindu villagers have become worst victims to relentless attacks of Islamists. Since Islamists are using TMC’s flags, administration is scared to keep them in custody. Shajahan Sheikh, Salim, Shaukat Mullah or Abdul Barik have become trusted lieutenants of TMC. Nevertheless, they used to be vanguards of CPIM during Left Front’s hegemony; it has got to be kept in mind. With the change of guard in 2011, these criminals also joined Trinamool brigade. Earlier they used to torment Hindus by using Red flags; now the same is being done with Trinamool Congress’ silent blessings. Hindus have no respite in rural Bengal. It’s the high-time for all to grasp this brutal truth.   

It’s also the time for present rulers in Bengal to get hold of another truth; they didn’t emerge victorious with minority votes only. Had Hindus not supported them wholeheartedly, triumph would have continued to remain a victory for them. As a result, the state government must step in to save Hindus from Islamists as well as atrocities of police. Culprits, to be precise, ran amok in the areas of Haroa, Sandeshkhali, Usti, Mograhat and Bangaon for the last few days. Hindus are under a reign of terror there while many of them have fled as well. Police and administration must succor these helpless people and restore law fast.  

There is no skepticism with the affection of Chief Minister to Bengal. But her imprudence has turned the rural Bengal to a casualty. While attacks on women are on the rise, lands in Bengal are being grabbed stealthily but steadily by hostile forces. Only the Chief Minister can save the state from such a crisis. She has an innate capacity to change courses of history. The same can be done here too but wisdom must be there at the same time. We do appeal to her to save Bengal. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Truth can’t be suppressed

Hindu Samhati, for the last 6 years, has been endeavoring best to make people realize the soaring communal tussles across Bengal and how Hindu bashing is getting identical to secularism. Whatever its attempts are, press and media in the state are up in arms against Samhati terming these incidents if exposed may endanger Bengal. Chaos and violent struggles will replace tranquility. As a result, mounting Hindu persecution (in every capacity) is being avoided with spiteful intent. But persecutions on Hindus as found in different districts refuse to die down and instead, the tacit political support is giving a boost to Islamists’ fortitude to exterminate Hindus racially. It is alleged that social responsibility prevents the media world from performing the noble duty to make people conscious always. Hence, while Hindu women are abducted or raped, Hindu temples are defiled and destructed, Hindus are beaten mercilessly, media remains a silent spectator. Well, at times, media publishes such stories under duress but utmost care is taken to keep the religious passion propelling attacks on Hindus a secret. 

On the contrary, riots in Godhra 2002 or Muzaffarnagar of late continue to rule the media and hence, the human psyche. None knows where the Kashmiri Hindus are now. They were banished from their own ancestral places in Kashmir in 1989 but there has hardly been any documentary on their plights and also shown in any television channel. Nevertheless, all are free to witness the conditions of Muslims following the recent spate of riots at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. And these are depicted to make people comprehend how the minority community of Muslims is being persecuted by Hindus day in and day out; there can’t be a greater untruth to this. All these are enough to haunt a commoner and make him/her wonder of the media’s hypocrisy.  

What makes the press and media within India retain such hostility to Hindus? To be precise, it is the compulsion of these agencies to the market. Contrary to the past, press and media are accountable to their financial bosses now and neither the country nor its populace. What they fail to comprehend is that truth gets apparent to all however the forces to inhibit it are powerful.  Now, let’s check the reality which is hardly found or (better to say) remains absent altogether in the news world. According to police reports, communal scuffles in rural Bengal have soared highly in the last one year. While 12 to 40 such incidents happened between 2008 and 2012, 103 communally charged incidents marred Bengal’s landscape only in 2013. And this brings forth another sordid reality – Bengal is one of the first ten communally sensitive states in India.   

This authentic report makes an inquisitive reader surmise also that communal conflagration prevails the state however brawny the saga of secularism is. There has also been a stiff rise of this peril recently.  What’s the reason then? The cudgel of responsibility remains with the present state government and undoubtedly, it stems from the blatant Muslim appeasement. The state government’s hands are stained with the filth of introducing subsidies for Imams, inaugurations of various schemes for Muslims in particular and Mamata’s attendance in various Islamic congregations with hijab; all-out publicity of her offering namaz in public has heightened the communal polarization in the state. As said by an official of State Minority Affairs Department, following the Trinamool Congress government’s commencement, no less than 400 Muslim NGOs have come to the fore. Again, no less than 597 madrasas recognized by the government exist already. Government’s indifference to adopt tough measures against criminals like Abdul Barik Biswas, Munna Iqbal, Arabul, Selim, Khonra Hussain, Shashjahan Sheikh and appointing a dubious person with strong links to outlawed SIMI to the Rajya Sabha as MP has beefed up Islamic aggression highly, in accordance with commoners.

Albeit this allegation is a cruel, real fact, it is not completed. It is worth mentioning, Hindu Samhati’s influence has increased fast in areas infested with communal clashes and thanks to this, Hindus have regained the confidence to fight back. Striking dissimilarities to the past are happening now, Hindus have no fear to report any incident to the police stations. Hindus are no more submissive but are found to retaliate. Accordingly, conflicts are getting common and are being registered by the police. Even if rise in communal conflicts is a cause of concern, there is a need to wait to discern whether growth in Hindu confidence is a silver lining. 

Hindu Samhati regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diabolical intentions to deceive Hindus prevail Bengal

The stage was all set and with the election commission’s promulgation of Lok Sabha Election, 2014, political parties, with exception to none, have initiated their quest to clutch New Delhi, both capital and final seat of power in India.  It is no more a secret that the parliamentary election will take place through 5 phases in the state of Bengal and only after May 16 (the date of counting) the destiny will get apparent. As a result, it’s the time for any political party or candidate to overwhelm rivals no matter what it takes. The saga has commenced in Bengal as well but it seems that there is one objective here and it is to attain the blessings of minority community, especially Muslims. No stone, in this respect, is left unturned to have Islamic approval and almost every day, candidates along with their political bosses are witnessed to visit Imams or mazars.  A few political pundits have termed this as worst instance of brazenness. But there is no sane brain to listen to this erudition that can preclude insidious fallouts.

It is no wonder that CPIM and reigning Trinamool Congress are abiding by this saga of weird secularism. But BJP is also adopting this endeavor fast and its parliamentary candidates have already been witnessed to seek succor from Muslim religious leaders.  What an irony! BJP is considered both as precursor and custodian of Hindus in India. And the principal parties in the state including Trinamool Congress, CPIM and Congress never miss an opportunity to dub BJP as a Hindu communal outfit. There is an old adage – whenver a Hindu consumes beef, he gets more anti-Hindu than a common Islamist. BJP is also in the same category now, it sounds as if.

This burgeoning trend of placating Muslims all the time is leading to a destruction altogether and no political party is ready to comprehend this cruel truth. None is also unaware that any such development will harm Hindus ultimately. The situation was out of the frying pan and now it is going to be into the fire thanks to enterprises of Rezzaq Mollah to change Bengal’s political scenario through his own novel Dalit-Muslim axis. This is a heinous conspiracy only and the sole aim is to destruct Hindus. It may be unknown to the readers but such a movement had sprung during the tumultuous days of partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 too. The same Dalit-Muslim axis had become the greatest obstacle to Hindu unity then and had Hindus remained united, they wouldn’t have to relinquish their ancestral lands in (then) East Bengal and enter West Bengal in their thousands.    

The same sinister approach is prevailing Bengal’s political spectrum after several decades; Rezzaq Mollah is hell-bent to make his dream project of alliance between Dalit Hindus and Muslims a great success. Once this outfit gets powerful, Hindus will have to abandon Bengal en masse. Following it, the state will be removed from India and will be attached to Bangladesh. As soon as this diabolical endeavor becomes triumphant, Dalit Hindus will be kicked out from this new Islamic territory. Thus, there will be repetition of Barisal genocide of 1949-50. It is worth remembering, the self-claimed custodian of Dalit Hindus or Jogen Mandal had to flee then East Pakistan as pauper. Later on, this crestfallen leader accepted that there can’t be any unity between Muslims and Hindus ever. The same theory has come forth through Mollah now and the year is 2014 instead of 1947.  

Political parties are devoid of any time to heed all these. When the lust of money and power prevails, patriotism as well as honesty becomes synonymous to laughingstocks. Aren’t Hindus responsible for this deplorable condition too? Hindu society is bootless and this has been proved time and again. If 36 Hindus assemble at any table even, six ideologies will come forth and these diverging views are enough to raze the notion of Hindu vote bank. The absence of a brawny, influential Hindu vote bank encourages all to placate Muslims. It is high time to erect a Hindu vote bank both in Bengal and India.   

What’s the duty of Hindu Samhati’s activists in the parliamentary election? They have been asked to steer clear of supporting any particular political party and to opt for candidates having zeal to better situations for Hindus.  

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mischievous approaches of press and media to malign Hindu Samhati

Even in this year too the role of press and electronic media to the rally of Hindu Samhati on February 14 at Rani Rashmani Road in Kolkata remained unchanged. Well, there was indeed no such expectation too but none conceived that custodians of press freedom in Bengal would stoop such to placate the cardinal mantra of secularism in the state. Naturally, there was no report on next day’s newspaper despite the fact that it’s difficult to remember any other such jam-packed mass meeting by any Hindu organization in the city of Kolkata. What was published in newspapers then? It was nothing save for harassment of public owing to the mass meeting and concocted reports of peoples’ anguishes were also included in the report. But none did care to accentuate the meeting’s significance in the contemporary socio-economic and political scenario. Now let’s compare this stance of press and electronic media to other recent developments.

Two weeks before the rally of Hindu Samhati on February 14, 2014, Kolkata remained witness to three successive public meetings at the Brigade Parade Ground and without a shred of doubt, thanks to all these, traffic system in the metropolis was thrown out of gear almost. But no report on this decline of traffic system then was perceived in any newspaper, let alone in the electronic media or any news channel. They were more interested to eulogize the concerned political parties and also their leadership for mere benefits only. How can this be termed other than parochialism? 

This is not all as one Bengali newspaper (taking pleasure in its reincarnation while its assets and also benefactors are shrouded under mystery) termed Hindu Samhati as hate monger and the public meeting on February 14 organized by its as the biggest show of communalism in recorded history of Kolkata. Well, India or the largest democracy across the globe is known for letting its citizens enjoy the Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech and in this respect, one has the fundamental right to express his own opinions. This happens to be the guiding force behind press freedom as well. But, at the same time, the voice and reality of the newspaper or persons responsible for penning it must also be ascertained. He, according to records of Government of India, happens to be the founder of outlawed SIMI (Students’ Islamic Movement of India) and even intelligence agencies are learnt to keep a close watch on him. Yet he could manage to get favor of Bengal Chief Minister and Mamata Banerjee, either due to compulsions or weird factors, nominated him as Trinamool Congress candidate to Rajya Sabha.

The sole intention of this tainted and communally biased newspaper is to provoke religious sentiments in the state of Bengal and to feign as ideal secular through publicizing reports of communal disturbances. In a way, this newspaper is best paradigm of contemporary definition of secularism prevailing not Bengal only but the whole of India also. Secularism, if truth be told, is nothing save for a cloak to these divisive persons and to maintain this tradition, they do not even blink to publish fictitious stories. In Naliakhali at Canning residences of more than 200 Hindu families were bunt down and it emanated from the murder of a person. But the newspaper did all ranging from perverting the truth to publication of fabricated reports. Is this secularism or the repetition of Taqiya only? It’s the time to get conscious or else the decline of Bengal soon can’t be checked.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hindu Samhati drudges in villages, knaves bent to exploit

Hindu Samhati, at the moment, is working in more than 500 villages across several districts in West Bengal and thanks to its own vigor, the organization has become a household name in the districts of 24 Paraganas (North and South), Howrah, Hooghly, Bardhaman, Nadia, Birbhum. But all these bring out a pertinent subject again and it’s regarding the primary job of Hindu Samhati. Hindu Samhati, through years of struggle, has become a vanguard of Hindu defence in Bengal and this can be ascertained from a single fact – Hindu Samhati gives Hindu morale a fillip to strike back Jihadi attacks wherever it happens. It’s a cruel fact that no option except united resistance is in hand or else the tragic episode of partition in 1947 despoiling Hindus overnight would be repeated yet again. With the partition the greater half of pre-1947 Bengal went to the Islamic state of Pakistan (now Bangladesh). But there is no respite as sinister developments (perceived in 1946-47) are resurfacing in West Bengal and if lessons from history are not learnt, we will be doomed to repeat it.  West Bengal was created as a refuge for persecuted Hindus from East Bengal. Alas, there is no such place now. If Bengali Hindus conceive of entering the states of Orissa, Bihar or Uttar Pradesh, they will have to count on generosity of people there only and by degrees they will lose their uniqueness. Thus, the saga of religious impeccability, culture and also cultivation of intellect of Bengali Hindus will become a history and the land known for its perseverance and cultivation of Vedic Dharma from time immemorial will kick the bucket. Hindu Samhati desires to reveal this truth (however cruel it is) to all. And through this it hopes all to comprehend a single fact – there is no way excluding struggle to salvage Hindus.          

Hindu Samhati was set up only six years ago. But even in this small episode, it has been able to build up a commendable resistance. Consistency in both word and action happen to be basis of its success and it is manifested best when Hindus, reeling under decades of persecution by Islamists in West Bengal, are hitting back. Hindus living in areas including villages of Sonakhali, Fakirtakia, Kumrakhali in 24 Paraganas (South), Baruipur, Rajbari in Sandeshkhali within the district of 24 Paraganas (North), Bangaon, Swarupnagar, both Bangnan and Sankrail in Howrah are struggling hard against persecution under the leadership of Hindu Samhati. Even Hindus living in Enatlly, Gobra at Park Circus, Maniktala in Kolkata have also risen up against persecution by radical Muslims. Had there been no Hindu Samhati, Hindus would have to go on with their anguishes only.    

There are, indeed, lots of Hindu social organizations in Bengal and the majority of these are older than Hindu Samhati also. They are known for their commendable activities, in particular succoring Hindus during Jihadi attacks in areas like Rupnagar-Taranagar, Naliakhali and several others. But sadly they have not been found to explicate the basic reasons behind these malicious, grievous attacks against Hindus and also to ask them to gear up, struggle against such terrible destiny. Will they continue as succorers to Hindus all the time? It seems that they depend more on fatalism than struggle. Hindu Samhati differs to them at this point and hence, it has brought forth a new mantra – “Struggle and not serving is the sole way to survive.” Hindu Samhati has been set up for warriors and not for Hindus ceding to persecutions and awaiting assistances.

However, another crisis is also cropping up. Hindu Samhati has been able to strengthen morale, actuate martial spirit of Hindus highly and all these lead to its escalating popularity in rural arena of West Bengal.  But a few upstart Hindu organizations have also been noticed to exploit this trust of commoners by using the name of Hindu Samhati. Even if there is hardly any connection to Hindu Samhati, these organizations feign as Hindu Samhati and earn faith of common Hindus. This must be stopped as none is allowed to utilize immense sacrifices, inhuman struggles of Hindu Samhati’s valiant warriors.

It’s, therefore, the time for Hindu Samhati’s activists, sympathizers to get conscious. They shall have to build up connection with more people and express views of Hindu Samhati to them at once. It’s essential to deflect others from exploiting the faith on Hindu Samhati.          

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Should we remain silent only?

We are heading to a new Parliamentary election once more and the sole question remains of the victor now. Who will triumph finally?  Will it be the same UPA or whether it’s the time for NDA-led by BJP to ascend? Or will there be any Third Front? Well, it can be anyone but the minority community has nothing to worry.  It, true to its records, has become active already to influence the electoral procedure and it is no secret to any that all political parties in India, cutting across so-called ideologies, are hell-bent to appease them to have their blessings (in terms of votes). Islamic organizations know well how political leaders leave no stone unturned to have their support and hence, visit their offices day in and day out. So, to exploit such a golden opportunity, a Charter of Demands (containing 20 demands for now) has already been staged to different parties (as published in the Nov. 29, 2013 or Friday edition of Dainik Kalam). The charter, if analyzed meticulously, contains all that are deemed as essential and this ranges from efficient implementation of Sachar Committee Report to develop the status of Madrasa education and equate it to the status of other elite education systems. What is more, Muslims in India have been asked to cast their votes on this basis of this charter.     

But all these urge a sane brain to think of need of this charter or electoral annunciation. Well, it is not hard to find this out also. Minority votes play imperative roles in several Indian states nowadays and in this era of coalition politics – when it is no longer possible for Congress or BJP to form a one-party government in the Parliament and also with thumping majority– these votes play greater roles. As part of a coalition, support of regional political parties has got to be sought and hence, the largest party in the Parliament has to keep anti-Muslim politics at bay. Isn’t it better to placate Muslims then? Both parties and mentors of Islamic politics in the Indian mainland have comprehended this simple arithmetic with success. Consequently, the Charter of Demands has been introduced prior to the Parliamentary Election. There is nothing to lose sleep also; all are ready to pamper and benefit them – but in exchange of getting Muslim votes in strength.

This novel development or Charter of 20 Demands has brought forth a very pertinent issue. Why are Hindus taken for granted all the time? Are Hindu votes of no value? Votes of other minority communities (2-5% voters) are snubbed always. But Hindus happen to be the majority community in India yet. Do not Hindus have their own demands?  Why have Hindu votes become irrelevant to the indigenous political arena? The problem remains with Hindus only as they have failed pathetically to create their own vote bank. Hindu votes are divided among different political parties and they, in the end, do not have time to listen to Hindus. But the minority or Muslim minority vote bank plays a crucial role to form governments or to create its destiny.  So, this vote bank is protected with utmost care and to please it, immoral and deceitful demands are also accepted. The person or party, as a result, will get the mandate to rule, destruct it for the next 5 years, let alone the freedom to corruption.  Charter of 20 Demands is widely accepted hence even if it can create havoc, as per many.

There is the need of a Hindu awakening and in this contemporary electoral climate, Hindu vote must also be valued. Or else national integrity in India will soon become a thing of the past. Muslims would go on increasing their demands and repeat the task of 1947 once more. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Durgashakti Nagpal to Poonch Border, Kashmir

Worst portrayal of criminalization of politics
Criminalization of politics in the realm of India is no new concept and myriad instances of it have come to the fore, perceived by the countrymen in the last 66 years. As a result, people have become largely apathetic to it; however, at times it becomes hard to tolerate this nuisance and wrath of people are witnessed. Recently, two such incidents took place enabling Indians to identify true characters of their leaders once more.

Durgashakti Nagpal, an IPS officer in Uttar Pradesh, has become talk of the town. Has this female IPS officer committed any wrong? Well, on July 27, 2013 she ordered the local administration to demolish wall of an illegal mosque and the job was done with immediate effect. Together, she precluded smuggling of sand going on for decades at the behest of mafias. Every approach was enough to scare this vicious syndicate who left no stone unturned to use contacts to hinder Durgashakti.

The result was too obvious; Akhilesh Yadav government in UP suspended her for allegedly spreading communal disharmony. Even if it is being reported that the UP government suspended Durgashakti to save sand mafias, there are other pages in the story also. The saga of minority appeasement has played a great role, as per locals. This is not an allegation; diatribe of Azam Khan (Minister of Urban Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh) on Durgashakti with others’ muteness corroborates doubts only. The incident is more than enough to stir up the entire nation. While all are condemning the Uttar Pradesh government, both Akhilesh Yadav and his accomplices (cabinet ministers) are not ready to heed sane voices.   

On the other hand, India is indeed toying and how – it can be found from its virtual surrender to Pakistan making violation of LoC at Punch sector in Kashmir a habit. Only eight months back Pakistani army severed heads of two Indian soldiers to display its brutality and now 5 Indian soldiers have been killed by the same demons. At this time Pakistani soldiers started firing indiscriminately from other side of the border. India-Pakistan border in Kashmir remains sensitive always and to evade any further crises both countries entered into a bilateral agreement and annunciated ceasefire to retain tranquility. But Pakistan, at every time, violates the agreement while India prefers to remain silent. Even if its own countrymen demand a strong reprisal to dastardly and violent acts of Pakistan, the Indian government inhibits soldiers from carrying out counteroffensives.  

Speech of Defence Minister of India, in this context, in the parliament has been most unfortunate. He virtually gave a clean chit to the Pakistani army terming the entire operation as a handiwork of terrorists stationed in that country. The remark created uproar across India evoking strong protests in each echelon of Indian civil society; its intensity made the minister withdraw his statement.

Pakistan has turned the notion of slaying Indian soldiers into a habit; a chronicle enough to disgrace India in the global arena. But nothing can be done as leaders in Indian Parliament are effete and can’t lead the country anymore.  And this cruel reality has made Indians furious; their patience is simply on the brink of collapse. What Indians want now is clear – strongest reply to the aggressions of Pakistan in a row since fire can be contained by fire only. India can be saved thus or the venomous impact of Pakistani aggression will continue to grow up. Either Indian leaders will have to listen to, honor people’s sentiment or forsake power.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mamata and fraudulent, opportunist Anandabazar

It seems the whole of West Bengal is in a pit, created by CPIM through their concentrated efforts of long 34 years, and hence, the suffering of inhabitants in the state will continue. Well, indeed Mamata Banerjee endeavored to take Bengal out of this ancestral ditch but now it appears that not her all efforts to do the same have failed only but she is in the ditch, thanks to her injudicious activities, also. Surely, this happens to be the main cause behind her mounting impatience, portrayed almost at each time.

But the reverse should have occurred and this was the only expectation of citizens in Bengal. It’s known to all that she was playing like a bold cricketer initially but (as usual) sledging against her started soon (when the opposition, both political parties and their supportive media, failed to defeat her straightforwardly). And the same is being done by Anandabazar group, especially ABP Ananda Channel, for CPIM. But it was the same media group that simply cajoled Mamata Banerjee in the wake of her historic success through uprooting then Left Front government in Bengal.  While on one hand, results of assembly election were coming out, Mamata was busy in giving an interview in the studio of ABP Ananda. The cordiality of ABP Group had impressed Mamata lots and that was the beginning of her imprudence. 

Mamata was literally overwhelmed to have the warmth of Anandabazar. What she failed to realize is that a leopard can’t change its spots. She failed to recognize the deceptive nature of ABP and is paying a heavy cost of it these days. It’s natural for CPIM and Lefts to oppose Mamata and she had the capability to inflict a humiliating defeat on them but unfortunately she doesn’t have the power to deal with the tsunami of sledging by Anandabazar now and owing to her lack of knowledge, she has become an easy prey to a few pimps like Kunal Ghosh. These people are solely responsible for setting up a link between Mamata and infamous Saarada Group. They made Mamata comprehend that the Saarada Group would satisfy her needs of establishing a powerful media to tackle mounting sledging of ABP group.

Thus, there is no end to her mistakes and one is followed by the next one successfully. Her reliable generals in this front have become nothing save for criminals or clowns to the public. On the other hand, rising Muslim appeasements of Mamata have created despair among her Hindu supporters; the despair is turning into a stiff opposition more and more. People, virtually, have started to believe that limitless, reckless Muslim appeasement of Mamata (for narrow political gains) is endangering Bengali Hindus and also destructing the basis of Bengal completely. None except CPIM is drawing a good profit from this and ongoing events confirm one that Mamata has lost her self-confidence. Whereas she could have dealt with the Kamduni incident easily by speaking with womenfolk like Tumpa and Mousumi Kayal, they were branded as Maoists, the exact definition of which remains an enigma to them yet.

Anandabazar has the sole credit to despoil the conviction of Mamata. The media group tried to have its own profits by cajoling Mamata but her stern measure has turned ABP Group into a foe.

Bengal is having a critical time hence, and is also at a juncture of history. And criminals, dishonest businessmen and Islamists are taking advantage of this uncertainty. While the saga of industrialization and overall development of Bengal has halted, Bengali Hindus have become the worst sufferers. To save Bengal from this there is the need of a leader like Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill or Konrad Adenauer. Mamata has broken a fort but she doesn’t have the ability to create a new one – experience of last 2 years bring forth this cruel truth categorically.    

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Minority community animated with onset of Panchayat Election

West Bengal State Election Commission, after lots of heated exchanges of words between it and State Government regarding Panchayat Election, has announced the date of Election finally. And the announcement of the same has infused a new stamina within the minority community of the state. The reason is not far to see – the minority community is well aware of the fact that their position will play a great role in the impending Panchayat election. This will be far reaching as well. While the political parties (cutting across political lines) will go on making lofty promises to them, their illegal activities will also not be heeded. To exploit this sudden development, the minority community is leaving no stone unturned.       

An amount worth Rs. 10.5 lakh has already been sanctioned by the government to build up a graveyard at Dwarpara in Balagarh; Imams have demanded the state government for an honorarium of Rs. 10, 000 every month; efforts to make a mosque in a disputed land in Bangaon are unabated.  Apart from this, an intense anti-Hindu mindset among the minority community has also been noticed these days.

These include assault on Puja procession at Kaliachak, Malda; desecration of Holy idol of Goddess at a temple in Midnapur; torture as regards fencing a legal land of Hindus at Kantapukur, Bagnan; development of myriad illegal arms factories in various districts – there is simply no end to such precarious instances. All these indicate that minority people are aware of their own stakes best and these are being done through harming Hindus altogether. It’s also evident (if all these are in full swing) that they will attain their goal by mingling the greater part of West Bengal with Bangladesh.

But intellectuals go on with their old notions – terming Muslims as uneducated, backward and politically unconscious – all these make a commoner wonder the sagacity of these intellects, eulogized day in and day out. Can there be anyone who relies on these baseless ideas? The instances submitted above do confirm how Muslims are conscious of their political and communal sakes.   

To make this analysis more sagacious, a few instances of pre-partition or pre-1947 Bengal must be taken into account. The entire state, then, was divided between 54% Muslims and 46% Hindus. Hence, three interim governments in Bengal preceding the partition in 1947 were headed by Muslims in a row. And this was nothing but the best instance of a strong political consciousness among Muslims. No representative of any minority community can head the government in a land dominated by Muslims. We failed to comprehend this cruel truth then and the same tradition of fallacy has been going on yet.

For this sole reason, we have been continuing to lick boots of Muslims unashamedly.   

Some other pertinent facts must also be considered at this juncture. If population of Muslims in West Bengal become same as Hindus or simply outnumber, will it be possible for leaders including Mamata Banerjee, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Pradip Bhattacharya, Rahul Sinha to retain their own position. Nazrul Islam, a high-profile police official of Bengal government, has already demanded a Muslim Chief Minister for the state. Well, this claim, similar to the demand of Pakistan by Mohammed Ali Zinnah in 1940, may evoke laughter among people. But Zinnah’s success within a short span of 7 years proved that his demand had not been unfounded anyhow.

Similarly, if the present state of affairs in Bengal goes on unchecked, it’s sure that a Muslim individual will head the state before long. And the aftermath of this is as clear as daylight already – Bengali Hindus will have to surrender and flee en masse from their homeland once more.

West Bengal, as a result, is facing the worst crisis ever since its birth till date. The danger of a disaster is rising steadily and if Bengali Hindus desire to steer clear of this, there is no option for them except to wage a strong defence. Hindu Samhati, comprehending this grave crisis, has engaged itself in fortifying defence measures almost at every nook in the state. Naturally, the struggle is having both defeats and victories but no setback can dampen spirit of Hindu Samhati activists. They are committed in conveying one single message to all – without a united Hindu defence there is no hope. And in its absence future will be the greatest nemesis of their lives.  Deserting the warfront is no solution and there is nothing more ignominious than surrender in life.  Even if there is any defeat, the vigor of struggle remains intact. A novel, vibrant and vigorous Hindu society will come to the fore when this notion will be realized.

It’s, therefore, the time to decide the most apposite path – whether to bow to escalating oppressions by Islamists or wage a robust defence to conduct and complete a Hindu revolution. Let Hindus decide this. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Obligation of Hindu Samhati in contemporary West Bengal

Hindu persecution is in full swing in the realm of Indian state of Bengal. There was no exception to the same in last month also. We have learnt about a few of them.

These include – Curfew and conflict between Hindus and police for 3 days (at a stretch) in Ranigunj about rape of a Hindu girl; Islamic assault on Ramnavami procession in Asansol; attack of Muslim radicals on Snanyatra of Gajon ascetics in Ketugram and their success in foiling the religious festival; onslaught of cattle-smugglers, tortures and molestation of Hindu women by them in village: Khaspur, Baduria; attacks on Hindus returning from procession of Ramnavami in Chandannagore; attacks of Muslim youths on a Hindu club in village: Fakirtakia, P.S. Jibantala and injuring Bivas Mandal severely; Hindu-Muslim fight in village: Bakul, P.S. Jagatballabhpur, District: Hooghly;  combat between Hindus and Muslims of conducting Milad in a governmental school at village: Nimichi in Minakha; spontaneous strike in Rampurhat to protest against desecration and destruction of Holy Deity at the Hindu temple in village: Brahmani, P.S. Rampurhat, District: Birbhum; oppression of 2 Hindus by Shahjahan Sheikh (latest political personality to join Trinamool camp from CPIM) at Sarberia in Sandeshkhali; brutal Hindu-Muslim conflict at Radhamani Bazaar in Midnapur; conflict over destruction of temple and mazaar in Midnapore town.

The majority of this news has failed to find a place in mainstream media or daily newspaper; let alone television channels.

All these news have come to our News Desk – but it’s true that myriad such violent developments are taking place across Bengal without interval.

Nevertheless, all these remain inaccessible to the populace in the state. And instead they are getting more and more acquainted with info on political conflicts, Shhaarda Chit Fund scam and certainly IPL. This is a matter of grave concern as such lack of knowledge is not suicidal only but leads to disaster also.       

There is a ray of hope also as activists of Hindu Samhati, unlike ignorant Hindus, are highly conscious of this perilous reality and this can be ascertained from how they are waging defenses against Islamic onslaughts with confidence. Police and administration have turned into greatest foes of Hindus; hence, whenever Hindus (whether commoners or activists of other Hindu organizations) face challenges from Islamists, Hindu Samhati happens to be their last resort.   

Responsibility of Hindu Samhati’s activists, owing to these, has increased to a large extent. Accordingly, we shall have to dedicate ourselves more to the cause. And if success is achieved, we will be regarded in history as the vanguard of Hindu defense against Islamic aggression. But to make this a reality, we have got to remain cautious of more struggles and combats in the coming days.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why is there such a vociferous opposition against Hindu Samhati?

Both political pundits and experienced activists do assert that any organization undergoes three stages in its life span – they are disdain and negligence, vigorous opposition and recognition (last and final stage). Now if the saga of fiver years of Hindu Samhati (ever since its inception) is considered – the organization is having the second stage or vigorous opposition at the moment. Hindu Samhati took merely three years to go beyond the first stage and only on the fourth anniversary (2012) we had to face immense repression of the state government.

Even one of our supporters, aged 84, was arrested on flimsy ground as the administration was hell-bent to hinder our fortitude to celebrate fourth anniversary with splendor come what may. The permission to hold the anniversary was also annulled, president of Hindu Samhati – Tapan Ghosh was arrested and even posters of HS were torn (as part of a nasty design) at several places. Official complaints were filed against HS president on same issue (poster and handbill) at various police stations. And in 2013 the repression of state government on Hindu Samhati has intensified altogether.

Police made efforts (in every capacity) to foil 5 th Anniversary of Hindu Samhati on February 14, 2013. But the triumph of Hindus, led by Hindu Samhati, happened to be the only reality. Now, to avenge the defeat, police is leaving no stone unturned, feigned cases are being brought against HS president increasingly by police force of different districts in Bengal. Bosses of police consider that arrest of Tapan Ghosh would be enough to prevent the growth of Hindu Samhati. Is there any more need to state how Hindu Samhati is going through the second stage? If Hindu Samhati can outdo this second stage, no force can prevent advent of the third stage – Recognition of Hindu Samhati in each echelon of Bengal.

But all these lead to another grave question and it is regarding the adversaries or the power excessively determined to halt the progression of Hindu Samhati. Does this opposition come from police force only? It can’t be accepted; police has nothing to do with this and it is no secret, Hindu Samhati receives the support of police at several places.  Who is using police against Hindu Samhati then? It can’t be anyone except the ruling party in Bengal – Trinamool Congress.

What makes Trinamool Congress oppose Hindu Samhati? Hindu Samhati is no political outfit; neither does it contest in election nor has it ever impeded TMC’s political ride. It must be stated with conviction, Hindu Samhati does consider CPIM as an equally pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu party and there is no confidence on BJP even in this respect. If the position of BJP is considered truly, it is not more than slender at all and Hindu Samhati activists do abide by the instruction – that political party, ready to work for Hindus, has got to be supported only.

According to our analysis, no political party in Bengal can be supported hence. Why is Trinamool Congress recklessly determined to crush Hindu Samhati then? It’s the time for activists and supporters of Hindu Samhati to grasp this reality.

To cut a long story short, both Trinamool Congress and its supreme leader, Mamata Banerjee, are being controlled by Islamic fundamentalist forces, unabated in Bengal these days. Muslim leadership in Bengal does assert (time and again) that 30% Muslim population in Bengal has played the pivotal role behind the ascension of Trinamool Congress and forming the state government finally. However, no leader is there in TMC who can speak for Hindus.

Now, the issue is regarding Hindu support for Trinamool Congress. Didn’t Hindus vote for TMC extensively in the last assembly election in 2011? Could it be possible for TMC to count on Muslim votes to topple the 34-year old Left Front Government? But there is no one to say all these stridently – any such comment may make the speaker a Hindu. And a Hindu in India is nothing save a stinking communal whereas a Muslim happens to be a secular. Monopolistic control of Islamists on TMC is established, as a result. And indebted Mamata started to show her true color almost instantaneously; not a single program did take place when Mamata didn’t appear in an Islamic robe. Toha Siddique and Imam Barkati became her best friends; she gloated while being photographed along with her two great Muslim friends. To garner more supports of Muslims, she went on appeasing them in every sphere. These include reservations for Muslims, establishment of minority colleges and thus she added a novel aspect to the culture of democracy and secularism in independent India.

Some of those are worth mentioning – rendering subsidies to Imams and Muazzeins, making study of Islamic history and Arabic language compulsory for students in disciplines of engineering and medicine in the University of Alia (a government-funded educational institution). But all these have failed even to satisfy Muslims in Bengal. To have more they literally warned Mamata in public at the Red Road show for Namaz on Eid – they stated that Muslims would dump TMC like CPIM unless their demands are not met. As a result, to evade any such uncertainty, Mamata, started behaving like an obedient student of Islamists.          

Muslim radicals flexed their muscles at many places across Bengal – attacking police (in places like Mograhat, Kulpi, JInbantala), burning down Hindu villages (at Taranagar, Rupnagar, Rasa, Naliakhali). But, at each place, it became impossible for police to touch Muslim miscreants, let alone putting them behind the bars. Police was categorically instructed to steer clear of any such conflicts and arresting Islamists in particular.

Hindu Samhati, in such a vicious environment, is making Hindus conscious of all these; it is also siding with persecuted Hindus in each area. Without doubt, leadership of fundamentalist Muslims is aware of this and hence, it is instructing Mamata, Trinamool supremo and also Chief Minister of Bengal, to crush Hindu Samhati on the whole. Or else Muslim vindictiveness will not spare Mamata – Trinamool will get a harsh lesson of disobedience in the Panchayat, Lok Sabha elections round the corner.     

This happens to be the basic and most formidable reason behind vociferous opposition to Hindu Samhati. If Islamic leadership gets victorious to squash Hindu Samhati, the chronicle of Hindu defence against mounting Islamization in Bengal will end for eternity. Bengal, in that case, will become another edition of Bangladesh or Kashmir soon.

We, Hindus have lost East Bengal and can’t lose Bengal. We will not become refugees anymore and do not want to live as coward, spineless Bengalis.

For this reason, Hindu Samhati will have to go beyond the second stage in any way. West Bengal must be saved. Hindu Samhati started its journey to fulfill a divine mission; it is blessed by Maa Kali.

To make our struggle triumphant and also to outdo this strident opposition, we pray to Maa Kali for her blessing.   

Saturday, March 9, 2013

February 14: Festivity or Resolve?

Fifth anniversary of Hindu Samhati on February 14, 2013 was celebrated with gaiety and presence of thousands of Hindu youths, struggling against Muslim radicals in every nook of Bengal, winning the battle and thus, saving the Hindu society from dangers, helped the occasion to attain a new height of success. Like the previous year, Trinamool-led Bengal government, ceding to Muslim vote bank, left no stone unturned to foil this anniversary too. And the High Court, like the previous year, turned out to be the last bastion for Hindu Samhati to have the necessary permission.

Youths dedicating their lives to strengthen Hindu Samhati and its ideals have realized that struggle remains the one and only mainstay for them. While they are fighting against Muslim ruffians in tens of thousands of villages across the state, state leadership of Hindu Samhati is engaged in a fight against Muslim-appeasing government and administration.

Owing to the historic success on every year, February 14, by now, has turned into an especial day, virtually a grand festival to the Hindu youths. Well, there is a cause of concern too all at once. We are firm to make the very day as a Day of Resolve. February 14 has got to be made a day of sacrifice when Hindu youths en masse will avow to sacrifice more and fortify the ongoing struggle. Is a festive mood okay at this hour? Can small victories lead to any sort of gratification?

Hindus are being persecuted down the ages (for more than a millennium at least) in every capacity; their lands have been grabbed more and more and not a single inch of those has been recovered yet, let alone the loss of population including millions of casualties and forced conversion. What is more, Islamic onslaught is set to ravage Hindu lives day in and day out. How can one hope for satisfaction and festivity in such an environment?

It’s, therefore, the most opportune time to make Hindu youths, activists of Samhati realize – the struggle has commenced only and to win the battle there is the need of colossal sacrifices. If there is any desire to hinder the saga of millennium-old Hindu persecution, one generation has to dedicate itself completely and firmly to the cause. Why don’t we think over the history of this struggle? We have lost a vast land of Gandhar, Sindh, Punjab, Kashmir and Bengal; more than 30 thousands of Hindu temples have been devastated; temples at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi have been desecrated and demolished; tens of thousands of Hindu women have been sold in markets of Middle East; Hindu properties have been looted at random while hundred thousands of Hindu women have been raped and millions of Hindus have turned into hapless refugees.

On the word of Swami Vivekananda, 400 millions of Hindus have become extinct due to Islamic onslaughts whereas Will Durant, internationally reputed historian, considers “Islamic aggression in India is bloodiest chapter in history.” The same struggle is going on in every village of Bengal at the moment. Can all these wars be won easily? It can’t be; hence, we invoke Hindu youths in Bengal – to struggle with all your heart.

We will definitely not get anything in return; we will only be remembered by the history and our posterity for their safety, security and prosperity. And if we fail to sacrifice ourselves now, West Bengal will become another Islamic citadel and Bengalis will become refugees once more. Whether it’s Panchla, Jhaubona, Deganga or Taranagar-Rupnagar, Khoyrasole, Naliakhali, every incident does convey the same horror.              

This history has to be changed; we are intent to indoctrinate Hindu youths thus. February 14 is the Day of that Resolution.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Victory Will Surely Be Ours !

Without exception, festivities like the Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Bakri-Id, Jagaddhatri Puja, all have witnessed regular clashes between the Hindu and Muslim communities across Bengal and the Hindu Samhati office has received regular intimation of many such cases.
The incidents at Entally and Tehatta were of somewhat larger magnitude. In Tehatta, 26 odd Jagaddhatri Puja festivals were stopped and one person belonging to the Hindu community had to pay with his life from police firings. On the other hand in Entally, the deities of goddess Durga were broken and some ten Hindus were arrested for fifteen days. Copious idols were stealthily destroyed in Beleghata, Kolkata and Shantipur, Nadia district too. The total number of such cases has been too many to keep proper records. Importantly, in many places there have been reports of resistance from the Hindus in response.
It appears that Bengali Hindus have a growing realization that the government and administration will not play a neutral role to these atrocities. The government, allured by the unified Muslim votebank and the administration, fearing communal disturbance, are unlikely to take action against provocative actions from anyone belonging to the Muslim community. Consequently, the public is being increasingly active in taking actions to securing its safety.
Those at the upper echelons of Hindu society have a strange view that Hindus are too divided and segregated to offer a unified resistance. Incredible as it may seem, they are completely mistaken since by Hindu society, they conjure an illusory image that probably applies only to the uppermost 10% of the entire society and remain oblivious to its true strength of the rest. During partition, the prowess of the Hindu mass did not manifest for two prime reasons. Firstly, they were completely unprepared for a partition which hit them hard. Secondly, the reigns of the society were completely in the hands of the upper class of people who were disconnected from the rest and did not engage the greater society to grow a resistance out of cowardice.
The first reason is not true anymore. The horrors of ’46, ’47, ’50, ’54, ’60, ’64, ’71,’92 and 2001 are not lost to the Hindu psyche. Public memory has not been short in Bengal and the wounds of Islamic persecution from Bakhtiyar Khilji till Siraj-ud-Daula (1757) have remained fresh for over a century, which is why they did not participate in the mutiny of 1857 against the British. This is indicative of the clarity and acumen of Bengali conscience and is further confirmed by the collective abstinence of the Muslims from the national freedom movement.
Hundreds have laid down their lives in Muslim majority Bengal yet it is so difficult to recollect the name of even one belonging to the Muslim community. The story is largely the same from Muslim majority undivided Punjab province. And the Bengali populace has always remained cognizant to this bitter truth regardless of the relentless efforts by sundry intellectuals to paint a flowery picture of harmony between the two communities. Being anchored to the ground, I am convinced that the atrocities of ’47 won’t be repeated without large scale retribution. My humble prayer to the high class intellectuals would be to relinquish their position so that the Hindu youth can fulfil their aspirations. Victory, then, will surely be ours.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our Struggle - Durga Puja and Bakr-Eid – Far-Reaching Consequences

The Hindu festival Durga Puja and Muslim festival Bakr-Eid in 2012 happened close to each other. And such a development is (always) enough to heighten worries within both government and administration. There can be severe troubles regarding cow slaughter in various areas, especially Hindu-Muslim mixed areas.  To be precise, cow slaughter does not take place peacefully in any year and in this year, 2012, Bakr-Eid was just two days after the Holy Puja. Holy Deities of Goddess Durga will be in pandal (a large open-sided temporary pavilion) s. Small troubles can be turned into bigger ones in the wink of an eye – this dread reigns extremely within the state administration of Bengal. Any Hindu-Muslim trouble, without doubt, will be a great slap on the Bengal administration. Hence, the administration is gearing up to deal with the crisis – a crisis management has already been deployed in the field.

Nevertheless, all these make us ask a very pertinent question – the administration and police is getting ready to handle the crisis. But in which way? Are they acting in accordance with legal procedures? The answer is most apparent to us – NO. Defenders of law do not count on legal measures much. They consider illegal measures as both practical and easier than any form of legal approach. To administer the state of Bengal, they have hardly any regards to legal structure.   
Orders of both Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and Calcutta High Court regarding cow slaughter are already there. Both do state – cow slaughter on Bakr-Eid is strictly prohibited. It is worthwhile to mention that the Calcutta High Court has already given the very order for two times. But the administration doesn’t do it and will never do it as well. According to the administration – Muslims are in no mood to obey this declaration of Hon’ble Courts. They will go on with slaughtering cows and any obstruction offered to it will cause a bloody riot altogether. Hence, administration, governed by this weird mindset, believes that Islamists are at liberty to carry out cow slaughtering and what is most essential to them is lack of evidence. Police and administration, therefore, do not have moral obligation to enforce the orders given by courts. 

However, there will be problems – whenever Hindus will try to resist cow slaughtering citing the court orders. What will police do then? Will it follow the court verdict or make all efforts to placate Muslim electorates? If Hindus, strengthened by orders of court, force to call cow slaughter a halt – what will happen then? As a result, police is ready beforehand, to quell any such (abrupt) development. The police has a good solution – no necessity to make Muslims follow the court verdict but to nip any sort of Hindu protest in the bud. And it would be in each and every illegal manner. The sole agenda of administration is to subdue Hindus (in any way) who dare to protest ever and even if they are innocent, their residences must be raided and banished outside. In a word, Hindus have to put under a sort of house arrest. This is the best way to retain discipline in Bengal during cow slaughter. Every year, as per statistics, at least, 100000 cows are slaughtered in this state.

And from before the entrance of Mamata Banerjee into the helm of affairs, police and administration has been retaining an unwritten constitution in the state – a) no hindrance can be proffered to Islamists slaughtering cows in (exclusively) Muslim areas; b) in Hindu-Muslim mixed areas where cows were slaughtered earlier – slaughtering have to be permitted; c) if Hindus do not prevent or appeal to administration to stop it, in newer (mixed) areas where Muslims are readying for slaughtering cows – slaughtering will be allowed; d) in places where Hindus are using legal measures viz. submission of mass petition, deputation to administration to stop cow slaughtering – all-party meetings would be convened in police stations or BDO offices to determine a solution.

And the solution of a problem doesn’t indicate apposite implementation of legal measures. It is to maintain law and order on the day of Bakr-Eid. And to reach the success, political parties are consulted to suppress Hindus. There is no need of thrashing in several areas even, only an aggressive chasing of Hindus and deployment of armed police contingent before Hindu strongholds do a great deal. The sole intention is to terrorize Hindus.  

Thus, cow slaughtering and maintenance of law and order are going on for years after years. The main idea is to steer clear of any problem and to do whatever is necessary to make Muslims happy. And nothing more is vital for both government and administration.  What will be its far-reaching consequences? It’s the time to make people conscious of the same.

Thanks to these notions of administration, Muslims will (and in several cases they have already started) consider that they do not have to obey laws, court verdicts of India. They will also realize that police and political parties here are ever ready to assist them to violate administrative and court orders. What is more, Islamists will also comprehend that it is not binding for them to venerate the religious ideology, sentiments of the majority Hindu community in India.

All these manifest, Islamists, being holy minorities, have every right to trample and dishonor Hindu feelings. But they must heed two factors all at once – what rights have been given to the minorities in Islamic countries? How will Islamists in Saudi Arabia react if Hindus ask for slaughtering pigs there? Will Hindus residing in Murshidabad, Malda, Dinajpur (South) – Muslim-majority districts – have the opportunities meant for minorities only?

The second effect of illegal slaughtering of cows in Bakr-Eid will be on Hindus. Hindus in India will understand that laws and regulations of the land are not relevant for Muslims in the country and if they protest against this discrimination, they will be termed as culprits by defenders of law. No protest against illegal and unfair jobs of Muslims will be tolerated also; people belonging to this community are above law. All these indicate – Muslims are specially privileged in India.

Here is the consequence of adverse mindsets of Hindus and Muslims, as regards cow slaughtering – the illicit desires of Muslims will enhance and Hindus’ surrender to the same – these will increase by and large.

Myriad evidences of these are already available – compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs through attacking staff of electric supply, Rs. 2 lakhs as a result of hooch tragedy, Rs. 1, 000 for going to school, cycle to each Muslim school girl, allowances for both Imams and Muazzins, permission to construction of Aligarh Muslim University’s campus (unreasonably), compelling students of MBBS and Engineering to read Arabic language and Islamic history at Aliah University (government university) – the list of Islamic appeasement is endless.

We are asking people to think – is there any end of this? All these will lead to the formation of an Islamic state in Eastern India. Hindus have to gear up to confront and trounce this nemesis. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Struggle – Need of Explosion of Hindu Mass Strength

It was Jiban Mandaler Haat that did fight against all onslaughts of Islamists whereas Taranagar – Rupnagar did the opposite; the result was quite apparent – Hindus did give in there easily and became easiest preys to Islamic vandalism.  And since we are analyzing each development so painstakingly, more hard facts must be mulled over now.  Hindu warriors or flippant youths in Jiban Mandaler Haat had political backgrounds but instead of relying on parties (cutting across political lines) they trusted Hindu Samhati leading to the development of a brawny defence against Islamists. And thanks to this valiance, Jiban Mandaler Haat remains devoid of any Islamic torturing these days; Hindu youths are working as vanguards in the vicinity too.

Had the same job been done in Taranagar – Rupnagar, the reality there would have been quite different. Hindus in Taranagar – Rupnagar, following the brutal murder of Bimal Haldar – local leader of BJP (16 years back) – took refuge under CPIM. On May 14, 2012, both villages buckled under Islamic attacks and were burnt down. Two Hindu housewives were gang raped and none knows whether they will get any justice ever. Nonetheless, Hindus know well that they will not be able to recover lost honors of these two Hindu women. Reason? To do the same, they will have to fasten Draupadi’s braid with the blood of Dushashana; the task that was impossible for Arjuna to do even. But Bhima did it. Does any Bhima inhabit Taranagar – Rupnagar?   

Both Jiban Mandaler Haat and Taranagar – Rupnagar are in P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and near to P.S. Kultali as well. But the situation in these areas is simply contradictory and it has confounded Hindus majorly. And after long deliberations they have decided to abide by examples set by Jiban Mandaler Haat.  As a result, Hindus in both P.S. Joynagar and Kultali, disgusted of blatant Muslim appeasements by political parties, are joining Hindu Samhati in strength.

There are some other relatively less known facts also. SUCI happens to be dominant power in the area while CPIM is the main opposition. TMC is the reigning power in the state of Bengal, at this point in time. Is there any difference between these parties then? In accordance with people, all have surrendered to the disease of Muslim appeasement and vie with each other, often, to display their excellences in this regard.

The aforementioned incidents of Jiban Mandaler Haat and Taranagar – Rupnagar along with their grim experiences of how political parties placate Islamists have given Hindus a fillip to analyze the fast changing reality. The consequence of all these is simple – more and more Hindus are joining Hindu Samhati and its meetings are being attended by representatives of 20-25 villages in unison.  

On June 5, 2012, a spark of Hindu power got evident in Jalaberia, P.S. Kultali; a simple instigation could have converted it into an explosion. Hindus were repressed in the area by the police and administration for years and on the same day, there could have been the finest retribution. But it was foiled by Debatosh Acharya, district president of BJP, and thus, Hindus were led astray once more. The vigor that could have changed the scenario for the coming decade at least (at least) cooled down – relying on the traitor from BJP only. Once it was done, administration denied the pledges made (by it) to calm Hindus down.

BJP and police joined hands to stab Hindus in the back – people in Jalaberia are acquainted with all these good. It was learnt, later, all political parties, including BJP, sided with administration against Hindus.              

What did happen on June 5, 2012 proves the same cruel reality once more – Hindus are nothing other than Abhimanyu (as described in Mahabharata – his epic struggle while being surrounded by seven charioteers). Hindus, to cut a long story short, are sieged by political parties, administration, mounting (exponentially) Islamic populace, Islamic wealth, Islamic weapons, network of mosque-madrasa and their slanted votes.  

Only on July 5, 2012, cow smuggling to Bangladesh was going on as usual through the courtyard of Shankar Biswas, living in village: Angrail, Bangaon border. When on earth BSF personnel tried to call it a halt, one individual protested and his head, following a shrike of lathi, cracked. Mr. Chidambaram, Home Minister of India, has recently stated in Kolkata that BSF can’t fire to stop cow smuggling. Hence, BSF personnel have to use lathi only. And one day innocent Hindus will turn into its victims. How can Hindus live in such a situation? Well – it can happen only if Hindus protest loudly against all these precarious designs. To do the same, hobnobbing with political parties will turn out to be futile.

Hindus couldn’t be saved by CPIM in Taranagar, by RSP in Kalahajra, by SUCI in Jalaberia, by BJP in Purbasthali, by Trinamool Congress in Mangalkot. No political party can do it ever or else East Bengal would not have become Bangladesh. There is an urgent need of unity, social unity among Hindus to save Bengal. This has to be done as soon as possible. If Bengali Hindus do not want to become refugees once more, they have to do all that is necessary to foil the potential merger of Bengal with Greater Bangladesh.   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Struggle – Police and Administration in this State

The saga of change “Poriborton” in Bengal has had its first anniversary by now and certainly, it does contain an assortment of prospects at the same instant. These are political, economic along with many others. But there is another fact as well. Whatever may be the aspects, Hindus inhabiting rural Bengal are being victimized more and more following the same change.  And this happens to be the most brutal and apparent reality.  Mosques are being built in Hindu areas forcibly; governmental lands are also becoming easy preys to Islamists. Thefts and robberies are increasing by leaps and bounds; rapes of Hindu women under veiled lootings are also getting common increasingly. 

And rapes are not alone at the same time also. How can desecrations and lootings of Hindu temples with ever-increasing assaults on Hindus be evaded? Can anyone deny the horror of Taranagar Rupnagar that happened recently?  In spite of being unusual in the national scenario, such episodes are becoming daily affairs almost in extensive areas.

What can Hindus do then?  They do go to the police and administration, remaining indifferent to them always, if not more. And to steer clear of any dispute, police is found to adopt a few measures these days. They do not accept any complaint of Hindus against Islamists; besides, they do not receive any application with stamps – violating legal procedures highly. Experiences prove that most illegal jobs are done by police on the whole.

If Hindus (being helpless) exert pressure while making FIR or submitting any complaint against Islamists, they are prevented by police officials in every capacity and this ranges from admonition (of arresting them) to use of slanderous words. Incidents where complainants are arrested are no more uncommon.

But the same police force gets highly proactive at a number of times and myriad instances of it are available. Some of them are – charge against 61 Hindus in Bhasna Benepara, P.S. Dhola owing to the death (result of mass thrashing) of a Muslim dacoit caught red-handed, horrific torture on Hindu women in midnight as part of a raid in quest of culprits following death of two Muslim dacoits (owing to mass beating) caught then and there in Jalaberia. Role of police in Taranagar Rupnagar is just the opposite.

To be precise, police has lost its vitality and impartiality in the Indian state of Bengal and has turned itself into a mere bootlicker of the party in power. It has become the greatest sycophant of Islamic felons as well. Hindus, as a result, living in rural areas have lost confidence on police and this pathetic reality is giving rise to mass thrashing. If the administration in Bengal does not become proactive and completely impartial, the Islamic aggression in the realm of the state will remain unchecked. The consequence will be one and simple – flight of Hindus will increase and the empty lands will give in to Islamists finally.

Emergence of a Kashmir on the eastern part of India is getting evident gradually more. Hindu society in Bengal has got to gear up to resist this fast worsening situation. We have to vow to struggle till the end.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Struggle – Deep-rooted anti-Hindu conspiracy

Hindu Samhati, abiding by democratic norms, had a plan to submit a memorandum to the Hon’ble Governor, West Bengal, to protest against providing Rs. 2, 500 per month to Imams. It was also planned that on April, 24, Hindu Samhati activists would make a gathering at College Square (at first), from there they would travel either to Metro Channel or Rani Rashmoni Road; a small team of HS representatives would go to Rajbhavan from there and submit the said memorandum. To make this a reality, necessary permission was sought from Joint CP (Headquarters). Nevertheless, responses from the very department proved to be weird in every sense of the term. In the beginning, it was stated promptly that owing to programs of others on April, 24 permission would not be given. Consequently, a new application to organize the HS program on April 25 (on the very next day) was submitted. There was no response but after repeated inquiries Joint CP (Headquarters) said unflinchingly that no permission (in any capacity) would be given to Hindu Samhati.

When the reason behind such a decision was asked, it was learnt to be the diktat of Javed Shamim (Joint CP) and to do anything as regards the same, Hindu Samhati would have to meet him. When an appointment with him was demanded, his personal assistant rejected it outright and sent HS representatives to O.C., Lalbazar who did brush aside each and every plea of Hindu Samhati. The application of Hindu Samhati for permission couldn’t be submitted, hence.       

Nonetheless, both BJP and VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) were allowed (by police) to organize meetings on the same issue. And this was not the end as more startling facts were also being found out; Hindu Samhati was not being allowed to hold meetings even in districts of the state too.  What can be deduced then? The conspiracy to restrain Hindu Samhati was not confined to the corridors of Lalbazar only; districts in Bengal are not under the jurisdiction of Lalbazar or Commissioner of Kolkata Police. The operation was done under the aegis of the topmost brass of Bengal administration, who happens to be none other than Mamata Banerjee, reigning Chief Minister of Bengal.

All these lead to a new question. What makes Bengal CM restrain Hindu Samhati, a minuscule Hindu organization? Well, let’s get specific. It would have been difficult to answer this a few months back but no more. There are several answers, to be precise. Firstly, it has become crystal clear to citizens in Bengal that the first and foremost job of Trinamool Congress happens to be appeasement of Islamists. The measures adopted by the Bengal government till now can easily be explored. These are special financial package for Imams and Muazzins, recognition of 10, 000 madrasas across the state, declaration of Urdu as second language, surrendering almost the whole of jobs (within the purview of OBC reservation) to Muslims, lavish endowments to Muslim male students, rendering free cycles to Muslim female students, decision to make medical college under Aliah University and study of Islamic history mandatory there, construction of twenty-storied Haz Manjil. People, hence, are concluding that the present government is only for Islamists and none else.

On April 03, 2012, a few Imams, at the Imam conference organized by the state government, were found to state audaciously that endeavor and performance of Didi’s (Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee) government to better Muslims in Bengal simply trounce others, even Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. It is to be noted, prior to this event, Imams, in the assemblage for Id at the Red Road just admonished Mamata. And the baffled state government to maintain its support and sway (therefore) among Muslims started blatant appeasement throughout the state from that very day. It’s known to all that chief advisers of Mamata Banerjee, now, are Imam Barkati, Toha Siddique, Siddiqullah Chowdhury.

Hindu Samhati, in spite of being a small organization, has played noble roles to defend religion, property and dignity of Hindus in various districts of Bengal and under its leadership, Hindus are being found to resist Islamists in the rural areas. As a result, Mamata has been pressurized by Islamists to call Hindu Samhati’s marching a halt and it became most apparent on February 14 when police applied a desperate effort to foil Hindu Samhati’s 4 th anniversary. But the utter failure in it just infuriated Mamata Devi. This happens to be the first reason.

There is another reason as well. It is no longer a secret to people that Mamata, following the much-hyped change or “Poriborton”, is deeply influenced by autocratic mindset. She, hence, can’t tolerate any criticism of her or praises of others. There are myriad instances of it ranging from Park Street rape incident, Damayanti Sen, Katoa rape incident to removal of Dinesh Goswami, ex-Union Railway Minister. Disillusioned Hindus, as a result, are considering Hindu Samhati as the last refuge. The rise of Hindu Samhati and its burgeoning popularity has become an eyesore to Mamata. Under her instructions and to please her, police and administration, to fight down Hindu Samhati, are not obeying legal procedures and courts any more; besides, measures to stamp HS down tyrannically are being adopted increasingly. Alas, a large number of senior police officials of Bengal viz. IAS, IPS, are not able to do anything against the autocratic acts of Mamata. And the condition of experienced and senior ministers of the state government is indeed pitiable.

The effect of all these is highly evident; the state of Bengal is at a stake. There can also be a dangerous effect. When Hindu Samhati is not being allowed to perform democratically, strong reactions may take place among Hindu youths and accordingly, they, failing to count on democratic and peaceful procedures of Hindu Samhati, may switch over to secretive and violent activities. It might be the conspiracy of any agency to make Hindu youths get extremist.   

The word “Islamic terrorist group” is known to all throughout the globe and the term, without doubt, disgraces Islam universally. And it’s a good strategy to shame any other religious group likewise. What we are saying is to make clear that there may be conspiracies (internationally) to create Hindu terrorist group. Perhaps Mamata Devi, without ascertaining the cruel truth, is becoming a mere dupe to similar form of conspiracy.

Activists and members of Hindu Samahati must not become victims of such a conspiracy – they have got to remain aware of the same.