Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Struggle – Police and Administration in this State

The saga of change “Poriborton” in Bengal has had its first anniversary by now and certainly, it does contain an assortment of prospects at the same instant. These are political, economic along with many others. But there is another fact as well. Whatever may be the aspects, Hindus inhabiting rural Bengal are being victimized more and more following the same change.  And this happens to be the most brutal and apparent reality.  Mosques are being built in Hindu areas forcibly; governmental lands are also becoming easy preys to Islamists. Thefts and robberies are increasing by leaps and bounds; rapes of Hindu women under veiled lootings are also getting common increasingly. 

And rapes are not alone at the same time also. How can desecrations and lootings of Hindu temples with ever-increasing assaults on Hindus be evaded? Can anyone deny the horror of Taranagar Rupnagar that happened recently?  In spite of being unusual in the national scenario, such episodes are becoming daily affairs almost in extensive areas.

What can Hindus do then?  They do go to the police and administration, remaining indifferent to them always, if not more. And to steer clear of any dispute, police is found to adopt a few measures these days. They do not accept any complaint of Hindus against Islamists; besides, they do not receive any application with stamps – violating legal procedures highly. Experiences prove that most illegal jobs are done by police on the whole.

If Hindus (being helpless) exert pressure while making FIR or submitting any complaint against Islamists, they are prevented by police officials in every capacity and this ranges from admonition (of arresting them) to use of slanderous words. Incidents where complainants are arrested are no more uncommon.

But the same police force gets highly proactive at a number of times and myriad instances of it are available. Some of them are – charge against 61 Hindus in Bhasna Benepara, P.S. Dhola owing to the death (result of mass thrashing) of a Muslim dacoit caught red-handed, horrific torture on Hindu women in midnight as part of a raid in quest of culprits following death of two Muslim dacoits (owing to mass beating) caught then and there in Jalaberia. Role of police in Taranagar Rupnagar is just the opposite.

To be precise, police has lost its vitality and impartiality in the Indian state of Bengal and has turned itself into a mere bootlicker of the party in power. It has become the greatest sycophant of Islamic felons as well. Hindus, as a result, living in rural areas have lost confidence on police and this pathetic reality is giving rise to mass thrashing. If the administration in Bengal does not become proactive and completely impartial, the Islamic aggression in the realm of the state will remain unchecked. The consequence will be one and simple – flight of Hindus will increase and the empty lands will give in to Islamists finally.

Emergence of a Kashmir on the eastern part of India is getting evident gradually more. Hindu society in Bengal has got to gear up to resist this fast worsening situation. We have to vow to struggle till the end.  

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