Saturday, March 9, 2013

February 14: Festivity or Resolve?

Fifth anniversary of Hindu Samhati on February 14, 2013 was celebrated with gaiety and presence of thousands of Hindu youths, struggling against Muslim radicals in every nook of Bengal, winning the battle and thus, saving the Hindu society from dangers, helped the occasion to attain a new height of success. Like the previous year, Trinamool-led Bengal government, ceding to Muslim vote bank, left no stone unturned to foil this anniversary too. And the High Court, like the previous year, turned out to be the last bastion for Hindu Samhati to have the necessary permission.

Youths dedicating their lives to strengthen Hindu Samhati and its ideals have realized that struggle remains the one and only mainstay for them. While they are fighting against Muslim ruffians in tens of thousands of villages across the state, state leadership of Hindu Samhati is engaged in a fight against Muslim-appeasing government and administration.

Owing to the historic success on every year, February 14, by now, has turned into an especial day, virtually a grand festival to the Hindu youths. Well, there is a cause of concern too all at once. We are firm to make the very day as a Day of Resolve. February 14 has got to be made a day of sacrifice when Hindu youths en masse will avow to sacrifice more and fortify the ongoing struggle. Is a festive mood okay at this hour? Can small victories lead to any sort of gratification?

Hindus are being persecuted down the ages (for more than a millennium at least) in every capacity; their lands have been grabbed more and more and not a single inch of those has been recovered yet, let alone the loss of population including millions of casualties and forced conversion. What is more, Islamic onslaught is set to ravage Hindu lives day in and day out. How can one hope for satisfaction and festivity in such an environment?

It’s, therefore, the most opportune time to make Hindu youths, activists of Samhati realize – the struggle has commenced only and to win the battle there is the need of colossal sacrifices. If there is any desire to hinder the saga of millennium-old Hindu persecution, one generation has to dedicate itself completely and firmly to the cause. Why don’t we think over the history of this struggle? We have lost a vast land of Gandhar, Sindh, Punjab, Kashmir and Bengal; more than 30 thousands of Hindu temples have been devastated; temples at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi have been desecrated and demolished; tens of thousands of Hindu women have been sold in markets of Middle East; Hindu properties have been looted at random while hundred thousands of Hindu women have been raped and millions of Hindus have turned into hapless refugees.

On the word of Swami Vivekananda, 400 millions of Hindus have become extinct due to Islamic onslaughts whereas Will Durant, internationally reputed historian, considers “Islamic aggression in India is bloodiest chapter in history.” The same struggle is going on in every village of Bengal at the moment. Can all these wars be won easily? It can’t be; hence, we invoke Hindu youths in Bengal – to struggle with all your heart.

We will definitely not get anything in return; we will only be remembered by the history and our posterity for their safety, security and prosperity. And if we fail to sacrifice ourselves now, West Bengal will become another Islamic citadel and Bengalis will become refugees once more. Whether it’s Panchla, Jhaubona, Deganga or Taranagar-Rupnagar, Khoyrasole, Naliakhali, every incident does convey the same horror.              

This history has to be changed; we are intent to indoctrinate Hindu youths thus. February 14 is the Day of that Resolution.

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