Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hindu Samhati drudges in villages, knaves bent to exploit

Hindu Samhati, at the moment, is working in more than 500 villages across several districts in West Bengal and thanks to its own vigor, the organization has become a household name in the districts of 24 Paraganas (North and South), Howrah, Hooghly, Bardhaman, Nadia, Birbhum. But all these bring out a pertinent subject again and it’s regarding the primary job of Hindu Samhati. Hindu Samhati, through years of struggle, has become a vanguard of Hindu defence in Bengal and this can be ascertained from a single fact – Hindu Samhati gives Hindu morale a fillip to strike back Jihadi attacks wherever it happens. It’s a cruel fact that no option except united resistance is in hand or else the tragic episode of partition in 1947 despoiling Hindus overnight would be repeated yet again. With the partition the greater half of pre-1947 Bengal went to the Islamic state of Pakistan (now Bangladesh). But there is no respite as sinister developments (perceived in 1946-47) are resurfacing in West Bengal and if lessons from history are not learnt, we will be doomed to repeat it.  West Bengal was created as a refuge for persecuted Hindus from East Bengal. Alas, there is no such place now. If Bengali Hindus conceive of entering the states of Orissa, Bihar or Uttar Pradesh, they will have to count on generosity of people there only and by degrees they will lose their uniqueness. Thus, the saga of religious impeccability, culture and also cultivation of intellect of Bengali Hindus will become a history and the land known for its perseverance and cultivation of Vedic Dharma from time immemorial will kick the bucket. Hindu Samhati desires to reveal this truth (however cruel it is) to all. And through this it hopes all to comprehend a single fact – there is no way excluding struggle to salvage Hindus.          

Hindu Samhati was set up only six years ago. But even in this small episode, it has been able to build up a commendable resistance. Consistency in both word and action happen to be basis of its success and it is manifested best when Hindus, reeling under decades of persecution by Islamists in West Bengal, are hitting back. Hindus living in areas including villages of Sonakhali, Fakirtakia, Kumrakhali in 24 Paraganas (South), Baruipur, Rajbari in Sandeshkhali within the district of 24 Paraganas (North), Bangaon, Swarupnagar, both Bangnan and Sankrail in Howrah are struggling hard against persecution under the leadership of Hindu Samhati. Even Hindus living in Enatlly, Gobra at Park Circus, Maniktala in Kolkata have also risen up against persecution by radical Muslims. Had there been no Hindu Samhati, Hindus would have to go on with their anguishes only.    

There are, indeed, lots of Hindu social organizations in Bengal and the majority of these are older than Hindu Samhati also. They are known for their commendable activities, in particular succoring Hindus during Jihadi attacks in areas like Rupnagar-Taranagar, Naliakhali and several others. But sadly they have not been found to explicate the basic reasons behind these malicious, grievous attacks against Hindus and also to ask them to gear up, struggle against such terrible destiny. Will they continue as succorers to Hindus all the time? It seems that they depend more on fatalism than struggle. Hindu Samhati differs to them at this point and hence, it has brought forth a new mantra – “Struggle and not serving is the sole way to survive.” Hindu Samhati has been set up for warriors and not for Hindus ceding to persecutions and awaiting assistances.

However, another crisis is also cropping up. Hindu Samhati has been able to strengthen morale, actuate martial spirit of Hindus highly and all these lead to its escalating popularity in rural arena of West Bengal.  But a few upstart Hindu organizations have also been noticed to exploit this trust of commoners by using the name of Hindu Samhati. Even if there is hardly any connection to Hindu Samhati, these organizations feign as Hindu Samhati and earn faith of common Hindus. This must be stopped as none is allowed to utilize immense sacrifices, inhuman struggles of Hindu Samhati’s valiant warriors.

It’s, therefore, the time for Hindu Samhati’s activists, sympathizers to get conscious. They shall have to build up connection with more people and express views of Hindu Samhati to them at once. It’s essential to deflect others from exploiting the faith on Hindu Samhati.          

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