Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mamata and fraudulent, opportunist Anandabazar

It seems the whole of West Bengal is in a pit, created by CPIM through their concentrated efforts of long 34 years, and hence, the suffering of inhabitants in the state will continue. Well, indeed Mamata Banerjee endeavored to take Bengal out of this ancestral ditch but now it appears that not her all efforts to do the same have failed only but she is in the ditch, thanks to her injudicious activities, also. Surely, this happens to be the main cause behind her mounting impatience, portrayed almost at each time.

But the reverse should have occurred and this was the only expectation of citizens in Bengal. It’s known to all that she was playing like a bold cricketer initially but (as usual) sledging against her started soon (when the opposition, both political parties and their supportive media, failed to defeat her straightforwardly). And the same is being done by Anandabazar group, especially ABP Ananda Channel, for CPIM. But it was the same media group that simply cajoled Mamata Banerjee in the wake of her historic success through uprooting then Left Front government in Bengal.  While on one hand, results of assembly election were coming out, Mamata was busy in giving an interview in the studio of ABP Ananda. The cordiality of ABP Group had impressed Mamata lots and that was the beginning of her imprudence. 

Mamata was literally overwhelmed to have the warmth of Anandabazar. What she failed to realize is that a leopard can’t change its spots. She failed to recognize the deceptive nature of ABP and is paying a heavy cost of it these days. It’s natural for CPIM and Lefts to oppose Mamata and she had the capability to inflict a humiliating defeat on them but unfortunately she doesn’t have the power to deal with the tsunami of sledging by Anandabazar now and owing to her lack of knowledge, she has become an easy prey to a few pimps like Kunal Ghosh. These people are solely responsible for setting up a link between Mamata and infamous Saarada Group. They made Mamata comprehend that the Saarada Group would satisfy her needs of establishing a powerful media to tackle mounting sledging of ABP group.

Thus, there is no end to her mistakes and one is followed by the next one successfully. Her reliable generals in this front have become nothing save for criminals or clowns to the public. On the other hand, rising Muslim appeasements of Mamata have created despair among her Hindu supporters; the despair is turning into a stiff opposition more and more. People, virtually, have started to believe that limitless, reckless Muslim appeasement of Mamata (for narrow political gains) is endangering Bengali Hindus and also destructing the basis of Bengal completely. None except CPIM is drawing a good profit from this and ongoing events confirm one that Mamata has lost her self-confidence. Whereas she could have dealt with the Kamduni incident easily by speaking with womenfolk like Tumpa and Mousumi Kayal, they were branded as Maoists, the exact definition of which remains an enigma to them yet.

Anandabazar has the sole credit to despoil the conviction of Mamata. The media group tried to have its own profits by cajoling Mamata but her stern measure has turned ABP Group into a foe.

Bengal is having a critical time hence, and is also at a juncture of history. And criminals, dishonest businessmen and Islamists are taking advantage of this uncertainty. While the saga of industrialization and overall development of Bengal has halted, Bengali Hindus have become the worst sufferers. To save Bengal from this there is the need of a leader like Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill or Konrad Adenauer. Mamata has broken a fort but she doesn’t have the ability to create a new one – experience of last 2 years bring forth this cruel truth categorically.    

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