Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Durgashakti Nagpal to Poonch Border, Kashmir

Worst portrayal of criminalization of politics
Criminalization of politics in the realm of India is no new concept and myriad instances of it have come to the fore, perceived by the countrymen in the last 66 years. As a result, people have become largely apathetic to it; however, at times it becomes hard to tolerate this nuisance and wrath of people are witnessed. Recently, two such incidents took place enabling Indians to identify true characters of their leaders once more.

Durgashakti Nagpal, an IPS officer in Uttar Pradesh, has become talk of the town. Has this female IPS officer committed any wrong? Well, on July 27, 2013 she ordered the local administration to demolish wall of an illegal mosque and the job was done with immediate effect. Together, she precluded smuggling of sand going on for decades at the behest of mafias. Every approach was enough to scare this vicious syndicate who left no stone unturned to use contacts to hinder Durgashakti.

The result was too obvious; Akhilesh Yadav government in UP suspended her for allegedly spreading communal disharmony. Even if it is being reported that the UP government suspended Durgashakti to save sand mafias, there are other pages in the story also. The saga of minority appeasement has played a great role, as per locals. This is not an allegation; diatribe of Azam Khan (Minister of Urban Development, Government of Uttar Pradesh) on Durgashakti with others’ muteness corroborates doubts only. The incident is more than enough to stir up the entire nation. While all are condemning the Uttar Pradesh government, both Akhilesh Yadav and his accomplices (cabinet ministers) are not ready to heed sane voices.   

On the other hand, India is indeed toying and how – it can be found from its virtual surrender to Pakistan making violation of LoC at Punch sector in Kashmir a habit. Only eight months back Pakistani army severed heads of two Indian soldiers to display its brutality and now 5 Indian soldiers have been killed by the same demons. At this time Pakistani soldiers started firing indiscriminately from other side of the border. India-Pakistan border in Kashmir remains sensitive always and to evade any further crises both countries entered into a bilateral agreement and annunciated ceasefire to retain tranquility. But Pakistan, at every time, violates the agreement while India prefers to remain silent. Even if its own countrymen demand a strong reprisal to dastardly and violent acts of Pakistan, the Indian government inhibits soldiers from carrying out counteroffensives.  

Speech of Defence Minister of India, in this context, in the parliament has been most unfortunate. He virtually gave a clean chit to the Pakistani army terming the entire operation as a handiwork of terrorists stationed in that country. The remark created uproar across India evoking strong protests in each echelon of Indian civil society; its intensity made the minister withdraw his statement.

Pakistan has turned the notion of slaying Indian soldiers into a habit; a chronicle enough to disgrace India in the global arena. But nothing can be done as leaders in Indian Parliament are effete and can’t lead the country anymore.  And this cruel reality has made Indians furious; their patience is simply on the brink of collapse. What Indians want now is clear – strongest reply to the aggressions of Pakistan in a row since fire can be contained by fire only. India can be saved thus or the venomous impact of Pakistani aggression will continue to grow up. Either Indian leaders will have to listen to, honor people’s sentiment or forsake power.  

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